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namew124 08-11-2010 04:33

Sugar skyrockets when i play sports

Im a 25 y/o type 1 diabetic, had diabetes for 14 yrs, every time I go play sports my sugar sky rockets to 360-450 mg/dl. I check my sugar before heading out to play and my sugar is always 100-120. Is this happening because my body is releasing sugar for the muscles to work, but at the same time there is no insulin for the sugar to be utilized, so it stays in the blood. I want to keep playing sports to stay fit, what can I do to avoid this skyrocketing of my sugar and at the same time preventing hypoglycemia??

Adjitater 08-11-2010 06:09

it is really hard to say without knowing wgat your insulin regiment is like now. perhapes a small bolus befor you play my help or it could be that a change in your basal insulin would help. can't really say wothpout knowing what you are doing now.

Lovecraft007 08-11-2010 16:56

Hi namew124!

I dont know if your situation is similar to mine, but I have had the same thing happen when I engage in intense activity. I'm a fitness instructor for the military, and teach a lot of classes. I found that after spin class, my blood sugar would often be really high, even though it was fine before class.
What I discovered, was that my bloodsugar was actually dropping low (and quite quickly) during the class, so that I'd actually rebound and end up high after. I discovered that eating a small snack (1/2 of granola bar or something like that) before the class, kept me level.

Not sure if this is what's going on with you or not. Maybe try testing intermittently throughout your activity to see what your BG is doing?

Richard157 08-11-2010 19:25

Namew, when this happens to me I have to be sure that I eat something before exercising, so that I am supplying my body with enough carbs to provide the energy I will need. That way there is no liver dump giving me high blood sugar. I eat 15 carbs before doing a one hour walk. If I was going to do a more athletic type of exercise then I would need even more carbs. I test before, during and after exercising. I frequently need some glucose tablets if I am dropping half way after my walk. I always carry my glucometer, glucose tablets and some jelly beans with me when I exercise.

Welcome to our community!


namew124 08-12-2010 03:48

Thank you all for the helpful replies!!!

Adjitater: I am on Novolog(1unit/5carbs....1 unit/every 30 above 150 mg/dl)) and Lantus 50 units @ bedtime

once again, thank u all for help.

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