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bignick 02-22-2014 17:45

Neuropathy, foot pain
Thankfully I have no experience with this, but my son who lives in a rural area a few hundred miles away has excruciating pain in both feet. He says his toes are numb and tingly often, pins and needles all over the bottoms of his feet, so painful it's difficult to stand or even walk. He has gone to a couple of docs and they can't find anything wrong.

I suggested diabetes and he said his docs said no. Now learning more over the last couple of months, I'm thinking Pre, or high BG levels. I'm going to tell him to start testing with the $10 kit and see where he fits in. He has had extremely high cholesterol and BP in the past. His eating habits are typical FF and colas for someone always on the go.

For those with or having experienced neuropathy, will getting the BG managed, bring down the pain? Any more on this will be helpful.

arenda 02-22-2014 18:11

If it is indeed neuropathy from high BG, then normalizing his BG will definitely help, especially if it is in the early stages. Depending on the damage, controlling BG could totally reverse the neuropathy.

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Mollie 02-22-2014 18:25

I'm a pre and mine is very minor, but subsiding quickly in 4 months. My BG has obey been elevated, not high by any means. It can happen! Hoosiers about testing- it's a wake up call.

furball64801 02-22-2014 18:49

It can help but no guarantee, you are a smart father get him to test. Oh hey doctors, oh it can not be diabetes can it, like duh moment hey. I have used alpha lopoic acid for several years and for me its like night and day improvement.

Xenon 02-22-2014 19:26

I used to get frequent numb tingling in my toes, plus a sharp stabbing pain in one foot or the other on a regular basis (once a week or so.) Now that I have a measure of control over my blood sugar, the numb tingling is now just occasional, and it's been at least a couple of months since I had the sharp pain. (Even then, the last few times were milder and shorter in duration than they used to be.)

Freya 02-22-2014 22:30

Nick, he needs to get his feet checked by ultra sound and/or CT scan. There could be other non-diabetic reasons for his pain, for instance, plantar fasciitis. If indeed he has high BGLs bringing the numbers down will certainly help.

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