A shocking site

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A shocking site

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Angry A shocking site

I came across some depressing news and i was wondering they are not seriously suggesting that all my efforts to control this disease is in vain..

the line that gets me is

Still, no matter how rigidly they follow the complicated regimen prescribed by their doctor and no matter how carefully they monitor their blood glucose levels, type 1 diabetics still face a restricted and often shortened life.

i cant post the link as not posted enough... but surely cannot be true

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I guess that depends on what you consider restricted and shortened. It is true that there is no getting away from it and it is in every thought you have every day but as long as you are able to do what you are supposed to do you can do anything you want. As far as the shortened life goes no one can tell when you are going to die so that part is just bunk.


Type 1 for 40 years now so dont tell me how to eat.
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Well, a88ie, what are you doing to manage your type 1 diabetes? Do you think that is a true statement, based on your own experience? Adjitater can testify that he's still in there pitching after 39 years with type 1. We have several type 1 members who seem to me to be thriving.

I think if I were you, I'd ignore that kind of phony-baloney when it's in direct contradiction to your own knowledge & understanding.

If you want positive reinforcement, stick around here for awhile . . .

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Do we diabetics have a restricted and shortened life? Here is my take:

We have a disease and a medical condition. It does put restrictions and probably does shorten the length of our lives, assuming we would enjoy perfect health if we weren't diabetic.

"Restricted" to me means I have to take some pills and give myself a shot of insulin. I still walk, run, drive, go camping, dine out in restaurants, work, do household chores, play sports, visit museums, chill with my buddies, take photographs, take weekend country drives to look at the fall foliage, cook in the kitchen, have sex, go to the gym, go shopping, travel, spend time on my computer, attend meetings, do to the doctor on my own, etc. I'm restricted because I no longer have bagels, or pizza, or lasagna, or lo mein, or pecan pie. Yes, there are are some restrictions, but in my case I am grateful I'm not in a wheelchair or need a cane and a guide dog.

"Shortened Life" ... now what does that mean? It's true most of us are not going to live to 100 (unlike my Grandma who lived to 105).
None of us know how long we're going to live. If we were Nigerians in Africa, life expectancy is something like 55. I think the quality of life is more important to the quantity. This I know: there are folks in here in their 70s and 80s who have lived with diabetes for half a century! You can too.

An Italian expression: "Que Sera, Sera" - What will be, will be.

Sometimes this disease depresses me as well ... but that is the exception, not the rule. I'm getting on with living my life.

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Good reply Philly Bud!!

I have been type 1 for 65 years and am very healthy, with no diabetes related complications. I participated in the Joslin Medalist Study in 2009. There have been more than 600 participants so far, and all of them have been type 1 for at least 50 years. One purpose of the study is to determine how so many type 1 diabetics in the US have lived so long, and do not have any serious complications. It is hoped that factors will be discovered that could lead to a treatment for younger and more recently diagnosed type 1's, so they can also avoid complications.

My 65 years is nothing compared to William Rounds. He was diagnosed in 1923, when he was 11 months old. That was the year insulin was first sold. He is now 87 and has been type 1 for 87 years.

They told me at the Joslin Diabetes Center, in Boston, that there is a small percentage of type 1's who take care of themselves, and still have complications. I have also read type I diabetics on the diabetes websites saying they have taken very good care of themselves, but what they called good diabetes management is not at all what I call it. The guiding rule is that the better your control, the less likely you will be to have complications.


I have been Type 1 for 73 years. My A1c is 6.2. I pump with the MM 630, and I am using the Dexcom G5.
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I agree! It's all in the eye of the beholder. I don't consider my life to be very restricted, but I am sure people without diabetes would view having to test and even consider what I am eating to be a huge restriction! Or if I'm low or high and can't exercise or have to stop what I'm doing.

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Complicated regimen prescribed by a doctor? Restricted life? This does not describe my experience. I lead the same lifestyle I participated in prior to diagnosis, with the addition of some finger sticks and a some shots of insulin.

Does diabetes get me down sometimes - YES. But do I still socialize, travel, hike, eat great food - YES. I can't imagine what the point of that article was.


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To about diabetic schedule your diet system...cut sweets is not a single solution...

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My guess is that they took some statistical data of those who go by the book. However you must admit that not all books are good.

Some might suggest diets that while DO keep your blood sugar in good check, however they deprive you of certain minerals and that might reduce the constitution (I guess that is the word) of your organism.

I believe that if you have eating and workout habits like everyone else and keep your BG in check and have a good A1c then you will live just as long as everyone else

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That site had a focus that might explain its authoritarian and pessimistic remarks. The subject was pancreas and kidney transplants. I think I've posted just enough to be allowed to include the link:

Oops. No. 5 posts are not enough, in spite of what the error message says.

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