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Wendys8861 01-13-2011 22:55

Something I don't quite understand...
I guess Doctor's all have different ideas about when to diagnose...

I was diagnosed in Nov, 2010 as pre-diabetic. A1c was 6.3. I'm controlling with diet & exercise and have lost 37lbs. so far. I go for my next A1c in 8 days!

What surprised me recently, however, is that my husband went for some bloodwork (for cholesterol, etc.) and the Dr. included an A1C. He was bragging when he came home that his A1C was 6.6! His Dr. wasn't the least bit concerned, nor did he give him any diagnosis of pre-diabetic or counsel him about diabetes. I told hubby that MY A1c was 6.3 when I was diagnosed and I advised him to stop eating the crap that he likes to eat or he would find himself with a diabetes diagnosis shortly.

Just curious if anyone else has had this happen...where you were diagnosed and someone else in the family had higher BG and they weren't diagnosed.

Shanny 01-13-2011 23:52

That 6.6 converts to an average BG of 134. Your husband is prob'ly already diabetic. If you want him to live to be old, better get him a new doc - the one he has now seems to have rocks in his head . . . :rolleyes:

beaner293 01-14-2011 01:33

Wendy - not unexpected, the medical community means well, but IMHO is out to lunch on DB. My b/s was 375 mg/dl in Feb '09. Doc prescribed diet & exercise, follow-up in 3mo. Next checkup b/s was 325 (A1c 11.5) and then he decided to put me on metformin.

I've educated myself with a little help from my friends here and have this bad-boy under control for now. Iin 2011, I decided to take control of my health and not rely on drugs and doctors. I've cut carbs, exercise on the treadmill (have 2 miles to do today) and keep my doc up to date. When I see him, I actually educate HIM now and come informed. Result = fasting b/s today = 80, last night 84. Time to get back on the treadmill. Best of luck!

joe_h 01-14-2011 02:00

I'm not a doctor but 6.6 isn't a great number for a'nondiabetic' definitely take him for a second opinion immediately

RobertIA 01-14-2011 19:27

I certainly agree about changing doctors. A doctor that will not even screen his patients for diabetes will do you more harm than good. A doctor that I am acquainted with, but not mine, and myself have an ongoing battle about diabetes. Actually a little more that acquainted since he is shirt tail relation.

He is of the opinion that you are not diabetic until A1c is over 7.0. I have been sending him emails almost daily now about the need to change his approach. Every article that says something about diabetes, complications, and from every source I can. Finally after an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, he is now agreeing with me and actually asking me questions.

I just tell him what is in the articles and give him the URLs so that he can confirm for himself.

The problem is many doctors do not have time to stay current and may be on standards that existed 10 to 15 years ago. To be an empowered patient, know that occasionally you will need to change doctors.

If your husband will not listen to you about diabetes, you have more problems than just diabetes.

Joshua Shorter 01-14-2011 19:32

You need to get that man to a new doctor ASAP!! That is not a normal number and he will not be doing himself any favors not seeing a doctor that will treat this condition seriously.

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