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A1c eAG higher than expected - Page 2

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Yup, I'm pretty happy about my progress the last 6 months, but I feel my meter has been displaying false numbers the whole time. What I've seen number wise does not at all jive with my lab results. From a BG stand point, my numbers are great, but from my hundreds of tests and results according to my meter thay are pretty disappointing.

I'm about 45 minutes PP after dinner, I had a salad with BC dressing, olives, a few hot Greek peppers, 1/2 med tomato. A 1/3 beef patty, 1 grilled Jalapeno, orange pepper, some red onion and broccoli. I just tested and got 78 with my True2go. I tested with 3 yr outdated strips on a Bayer Contour and got 109.

I think 109 is more believable than 78 for someone who is slightly glucose intolerant.

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Feb '18 A1c 5.2
Feb '18 Lab Results
Chol 262
HDL 45
Trig 108
LDL 194
Insulin 4.7 (2.0-19.6)
11/15/17 30 Day FBG average 109

Male 68 157 lbs. 6'

Self diagnosed 11/'13, eating LCHF, Ketogenic. My Cardiologist is trying to help me manage my BG levels as I have no PCP
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My wife and I are both diabetic (she is type 1, me type 2) and she is on kidney dialysis. They always use blood from the access line for the glucometer and consistently read 15 points lower than with a finger stick, yet still make her eat something if they deem the reading too low from the line. Her access is in her upper arm, BTW.

We also have used five different meters in the last few years and I check each new one against the old one (I'm an engineer and that's what we do...) I have noticed up to 15-20 points difference between meters on the blood from one stick point and then the next day, same test, they agree. The lesson is not to expect reproduceable results from meters selling for under $30. I wonder if there is any place to send glucometers to check their calibration??

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IMHO Shottlebop has hit the nail on the head. Your meter/s may/may not be in error. A1c just by itself can be affected by several factors. If your CBC was also carried out, the answers may lie in your RBC & hemoglobin counts. RBCs do have an approximate 3-4 month shelf life but there are no absolutes even the life cycle is estimated. So if your RBC lasts longer (it is good) it will affect the A1c in the way that you have observed.

If you ask me, I'd rather have a higher A1c than (based on my own meter estimated average) lower.

A1c ~ 5.4
Follow LC/HF diet since Aug 2010
Control only with diet/exercise. No meds.

Blog - Metabolically Challenged

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vrbalthezr? Please click over to our Introductions board, start a new thread and tell us about yourself. How are you managing your diabetes?

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Originally Posted by bignick View Post
Y..... I think 109 is more believable than 78 for someone who is slightly glucose intolerant.
That does make sense.

Interesting, and a bit depressing. Thanks for sharing this.

- Nancy

wf, 63yo, 5'4", 110 lbs
LCHF diet-controlled T2
DXd myself with PP BG over 270
DX 12/13 with A1C 5.9
8/26/14 HbA1c 5.5
avg BG: 90 - 95 before meals, 100 - 110 one hour PP, 95 2 hours PP
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I stopped using the True after reading too many online complaints about it. I had the same problem that Nick's having. I knew I was higher than my True readings, based on measuring it against other meters and my A1C, which went from 6.0 to 5.9 over many months. According to my True, it should have been much lower than that.

Current - True: 114
Accu-Chek Nano: 145

The 145 is more realistic and what I'd expect. I always go up after playing basketball, and we just got in from playing for a good 40 minutes. It usually stays around 130-155 post-basketball.

I was actually thinking of contacting the True manufacturer since I bought several boxes of True strips to see what they can do about refunding my money. I've noticed readings like this, much lower than they are, too many times now.


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