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bignick 07-10-2014 15:17

I'm Starting Over
I've worked extremely hard at trying to maintain my health. It's consumed most all of my free time. Studying, reading, researching, then acting on what I have found.

I got my Fasting BG to mid 80s, I thought. I found out what foods I can tolerate and not. I structured my strict diet around those. I gave away a lot of stored food, hundreds of dollars worth. I've driven my wife crazy with what I will eat and not, and which restaurants I will go to, etc.

I thought I got my BS to a normal healthy range for a non-dibetic. My average FBG this week has been low 80s, with several 70s in the mix, never above 99 all year.

This morning I tried my new Relion meter and was delivered a 118. This is the highest FBG reading I've ever seen. A shocking 115 (for me) on a cardio lab profile is what brought me here in the first place.

My A1c of 5.8 and eAG @120 last week confirmed my going on 7 months of testing was entirely skewed with faulty results. My first and only True2go Walgreens meter was responsible.

So for now, I'm staring over. My BG problem is worse than I have ever imagined. What I thought for months was under control, is not. What foods I thought were OK, may not be. Those that have worked very hard, get it and know where I am.

The good is, I generally feel great, I've lost weight and bloating and my cholesterol lipids and tryg numbers look pretty good. I will have to change all the info on my profile because most of it is inaccurate.

I'm not discouraged but a bit dismayed.

Roxanne0312 07-10-2014 15:28

The Relion Meter always test 25 points higher than my true result meter.

VeeJay 07-10-2014 15:32

I had a FreeStyle Lite meter which, when I compared to the lab's fasting, was pretty much right on.

A couple months ago I switched to Relion Prime (because the co-pay on the FSL strips had gone up to above the relions). I noticed immediately that the meter readings were higher than before - across the board - from 10 to 20pts higher.

I don't know what to think. The lowest BG reading I've had on the Prime is in the low 90s. With the FreeStyle, it would have been in the upper 70s or low 80s.

Since I remain in ketosis - and since even with the Prime my BG is below 120 (often within 110 to 117) - then I'll reserve judgment until I get my next A1C.

VeeJay 07-10-2014 15:34


Originally Posted by Roxanne0312 (Post 636626)
The Relion Meter always test 25 points higher than my true result meter.

Nice to know mine is not an isolated case. 07-10-2014 15:48


Look at it this way. You now know the ground rules and that you can make them work. Your HbA1c at 5.8% is nothing to be disappointed about particularly when you were relying on suspect data to guide you to that level.

Here's to the next quarter when you'll give my 5% a run for its money:).

Rahul_Boston 07-10-2014 17:00

If you test more you will know if the meter is correct or not
So for ex
You know how much certain carb spikes you.
So if the bg doesn't agree with carb consumed , try again.

Bg peaks at any 90 min and should decrease after that.
If you don't see that happening you need to test again.

So slowly you know when your meter is telling lie.
Your relion reading looks more in line with one at the lab.
Maybe a little higher but near.

So the rule to validate is

Current bg = pre meal bg + expected spike

You may get some surprises sometime but they she'd be rare.

Mary, 07-10-2014 21:29

Nick, just pick right back up. Look at all you've learned since you've been here! Follow the same rules - eat and test. It will all come back into line. You're doing great!

tgrmuskego 07-10-2014 23:39

Nick, I disagree, you did and do have your bg in control, possibly not where you want it, but certainly consistent and at a safe level.

I wish there was some way we could calibrate our meters to be sure of our readings, but there is none that I'm aware of.

I have 3 meters that I have very carefully tested and compared to each other. 2 of them are the same brand and highly rated for accuracy and the other is a Relion Prime (which is also rated very well). The pair always read within a couple points of each other, the Relion when below 90 does as well, but over 100, the Relion reads 20 to 25 points higher.

Because the 2 meters seemed consistent, and to be honest, I really like seeing lower numbers, I stuck with the more expensive meter. The 90 day meter average was 93 when my a1c came back at 5.8

So which meter is more accurate, looks like it might be the Relion. Trouble is, I can test 3 times in a row with that meter and get readings as much as 20 points different. Doing the same thing with the other 2 meters never varies more than 5 points.

Because the information I'm looking for is how much my bg raises and lowers (and when), the consistency of the readings is more important than how close it may or may not be to a set standard.

For example, if what I ate raised my bg 10 points and the meter reads plus 30, or minus 10 - then I would not be able to make a good decision about what I ate.

I'm also curious about the a1c test. Has anyone had that performed within a few days at another lab? Were the results exactly the same, or is their an accepted margin of error?

What ever you find out with your new resolve, please keep us informed.

Best regards,

Shanny 07-11-2014 01:38

Your numbers may not be exactly where you thought they were, Nick, but what you've learned all these months is the concept of maintaining control of your disorder. All the lessons you've learned are not suspect - only your meter is. So starting over is only in relation to your numbers - not to your basic management methods.

You know by your results that you're doing the right thing - the weight loss, the lipids improvement, the cessation of gastric symptoms. You've done well and you'll continue to do well. I know you are not backing down from this - not even one step.

gotsomeold 07-11-2014 01:50

As above.

You are not starting over.

You are on a long hike. You've come a long way over rocky territory and just found out your map is out of date.

So, you got a better, more accurate map and you are continuing on your hike. Turns out it the rocky part is longer than you thought it would be. Doesn't matter, doesn't invalidate the long hard way you have already come....and, dude, you are on this hike for the rest of your life.

Enjoy the scenery!

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