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Lancet prices could go up - Page 2

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Originally Posted by Shalynne View Post
That said ... we may want to keep an extra lancing device or two on hand, which is a good idea, in any case.
Mine broke (the spring mechanism quit) so I called Abbot and they sent me a new one. Actually, the woman I talked to was new to the phone bank and got confused - she placed two orders. Now I have three of them.

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Originally Posted by VeeJay View Post
Mine broke (the spring mechanism quit) so I called Abbot and they sent me a new one. Actually, the woman I talked to was new to the phone bank and got confused - she placed two orders. Now I have three of them.
Good idea, I have two, one I can't stand to use.

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When taking the blood sample hurts my finger, that is a sign that I should change my lancet... lately that's been about every 10 days or so.

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Originally Posted by Roxanne0312 View Post
I had a finger stick in the doctor's with one of those one use only lancing device. It hurt like crazy, then i bleed all over me and my clothes. They could have gotten a vial of blood from that finger stick. No way, I'd go through that 6 or more times a day.
Oh my goodness! Those things they use at the doctor's office aren't lancet devices, they are torture pokers - plain and simple. The first time I went to a new Endo in our town, the woman who called herself a nurse told me that she was going to do my 'finger-stick' to test my blood glucose. I told her, "I do that 10 times a day - here, let me do it." To which her response was "No, Doctor insists a 'professional' does it." HA........professional my foot. She stuck my finger five times before she got any blood and then it bled all over my clothes and onto their floor. Serves her right that she had to wipe it up. Next day my finger was literally bruised the entire length from tip to base. Several weeks later my GP asked how I liked the new Endo? I said "Well, her nurse knows nothing about how to do a fingerstick." GP says "that bad, huh"? I would love to get a hold of that nurse and poke HER finger with my device set at the deepest setting.....ok....end of rant......sorry, I got carried away.

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LOL! Don't be sorry - you know you can always tell us how you really feel!

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I wonder if they would let us poke our own fingers. My spouse had to have a bandaid after her last physical!


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lancet prices: I'm set with about 1300 of the suckers, as long as my device doesn't break.

sticks: I know I need to change mine when not only does it hurt, but I see bruising.

/RANT ON/ I'm very disapointed to note that my insulin resistance is very alive and well and my estimated time to try to get off the Met is probably going to be next February. I stuck with LCHF menu, and missed some doses. Saw 120 as a pre-meal stick, so I'm not ready to back it down yet. Since my waist whittled itself down another solid inch, I was hoping.... /RANT OFF/

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