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just_tryin 01-04-2015 21:26

Diet Pepsi addiction - tips...

Finally starting to get better with LCHF diet.

Got my A1C down from 8.2 --> 7.2 in just 6 weeks.

The one addiction I do have is diet pepsi.

I drink ** a lot **. We are talking 12-15 cans a day. Easy.

I have tried countless times to quit.

Anyone else kicked this habit.

Water is too bland, but usually the sweeteners are bad.

Looking for tips to assist in my new years resolution :)

VeeJay 01-04-2015 21:33

WOW - that's a real addiction. I'd think it's more caffeine than the sodas, but carbonation can also be very appealing.

My suggestion is to go at this slowly. Take one week at a time - and reduce one can per week so as not to go into withdrawal.

Gregory100 01-04-2015 22:13

I kicked the Diet Pepsi/Diet Mountain Dew habit 18 months ago, cold turkey. I drank less than you, but still somewhere between 60 and 100 ounces most days -- five to eight cans a day, basically.

I replaced it with two things: tea, either hot or unsweetened iced, and sparkling water, first flavored but now mostly plain. These two things satisfied both the caffeine and bubbles desires. Of all the things I've "cheated" on since starting LCHF, diet soda isn't one of them. On the rare occasion I really want soda, I'll drink regular Coke or Pepsi, but only in places where my consumption will necessarily be limited, like on an airplane.

The important thing I've noticed is that kicking diet soda contributed greatly to kicking sweet stuff on LCHF. Others here have had different experiences, but I believe the two are linked, for me.

In a few months, you'll wonder just what the appeal was of drinking a cocktail full of chemicals you couldn't pronounce!

Gregory100 01-04-2015 22:14

*now* mostly plain soda water, not "not"

Sojodave 01-05-2015 01:16

Costco sells a sparkling soda called "ice". It has 0 carbs and it taste pretty good. I used it to ween off of diet coke, but I mostly drink water now. Once I stopped drinking diet coke, my fbg went down by 10.

skb 01-05-2015 08:09

We are all victims of habit. I agree with Gregory that the best way to kick a habit is to replace it, albeit with a "better" one. It takes time but once your mental imagery changes, your new item will become your "go to" food.

optimist 01-05-2015 11:22

If you add lemonslices into a can of water, the water will both taste better and also be healthier. Keep the can cold and you can enjoy tasty lemonwater whenever you like.
Many people says they dont like water which is pretty sad I think.
We are made for drinking waters but we are getting addicted to all kind of sweeteners already as babies.
Wish you luck! (I`m the type of person that has to go cold turkey and quit immediately)

Mickydoolan 01-05-2015 14:03

12-15 cans a day is a lot, I thought I was addicted when only drinking about 4-6 cans a day of Coke Zero. Now only occasionally (once a week at the most) I may have a can. Found that the Coke Zero doesn't spike me, so happy to indulge occasionally. Eating to your meter is certainly interesting and informative!

Bugg 01-05-2015 16:56

I drink to much Sweet n Low in coffee, tea etc. Never gave it a thought. Im guessing it's not on the "to do" list. SOB

Bugg:)probably why I sometimes find myself in rooms wondering why I went there... hea !

Janknitz 01-05-2015 21:49

You sound addicted to both the caffeine and the sweetener. Replace the caffeine with green tea--it still has caffeine, but less, and will help you reduce the caffeine slowly so you won't suffer too many withdrawal symptoms. The trick is NOT to add any sweetener to the tea--easier said than done.

I like some of the herbal teas that taste sweet but have no sweetener. My current favorite is Good Earth Tea. They have a decaf version and a caffeinated black tea version, but you should alternate that with green tea to help you wean off the massive amounts of caffeine.

For carbonation, you might look into getting a Soda Stream. Word of advice--take the flavor pack they sell with the Soda Stream and throw it in the GARBAGE. It's garbage, and that's where it belongs! Full of horrible (and addicting) stuff.

But the Soda Stream itself is very nice. Load up on lemons and limes, and squeeze half of one into your sparkling water for an economical, delicious, and low carb beverage. It will pay for itself very quickly in the money you are not spending on Diet Poison.

I drink kombucha which is fermented tea. It's naturally carbonated, flavorful, and even has a little (not much) caffeine. Read labels carefully and check your meter, but the sugar added in the process of making kombucha is mostly for the purposes of fermentation, so there's little residual sugar in what you drink. I make my own, so I know exactly what's going into it, but you can buy it everywhere nowadays. Be aware that it's full of probiotics, so overindulgence will bring swift GI retribution. Take it slowly!

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