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Richard157 01-06-2015 01:42

Subdural Hematoma
Subdural Hematoma involves bleeding inside the head on the surface of the brain. Surgery is necessary to remove the blood after the bleeding has stopped. That involves drilling holes through the skull, and attaching tubing with little plastic containers to hold the blood. Do you know anyone who has had SH and has had this surgery? SH can be very serious, and even fatal.

In Oct 2012 I was sitting in my garage, and heard geese flying overhead outside. I love watching them flying over in the V-formation, so I jumped up and ran outside of the garage and threw my head back so I would not miss the awesome sight. That hasty action caused me to pass out, and I fell backwards and was unconscious for awhile, probably no more than a few seconds. The back of my head hit the asphalt on my driveway. I managed to get up and noticed blood on the driveway and in my hair. My wife and I drove to a nearby ER (private and not associated with a hospital). I was examined and told I did not need stitches, and there would probably not be a concussion. I was sent home, and we were relieved, but a few days later I could hardly move my legs, and I was using a walker. This time we went to a real ER at the hospital. They gave me a Cat scan which showed blood pooling on the surface of my brain. I was diagnosed with SH.They put me in an ambulance and I was rushed to another city (Albany, NY) where there was a surgeon who could do the necessary surgery. Since I take an aspirin tablet every day they could not do the surgery at that time, my blood was too thin, and there would be excessive bleeding. I had to wait two days. The morning of the second day four men dressed in the green suits and a green caps wrapped around their heads entered the room. The curtains were pulled around me and the surgeon gave me a local anesthetic, and shaved the hair off the front part of my head. He took a drill and drilled two holes through my skull on the upper portion of my forehead. Blood squirted all over...on the bed sheets, my bed clothes, the surgeons garments, and the walls. The surgeon then attached the tubing with the plastic bottles. The tubing was stapled to my forehead. I did no feel the drill or the stapling, but I was well aware of everything that was happening. I did not make a move during the procedure. Blood was draining into the containers.

That night was the first night in several days I could move my legs and turn over in bed. I had a wonderful sleep that night, my first for a long time. My legs seemed to be almost paralyzed until the pressure of the bleeding on my brain was removed. A few days later I was walking without a walker, but my knees were hurting. The nerves that are in the part of my brain where the injury was located, run to my legs, and control the muscles there. The pressure of the blood on those nerves caused the numbness ( it seemed like paralysis). There were after effects of that experience. A few weeks after I got home I was on the walker again. My knees were killing me. A local orthopedic surgeon X-rayed my knees and said there was no cartilage in either knee. My knees had not had any pain before the head injury, and I think that the injury must have had something to do with the sudden knee condition. I was given shots of artificial cartilage (Euflexia) in both knees, and I had knee replacement surgery done in one knee in Sept, 2013. That knee is healed, and working well. The other knee has not hurt me for the last two years and I cancelled the surgery that had been set for Sept, 2014. I think that the cartilage may have been restored. Is that possible? The surgeon says NO! The artificial stuff lasted only a few months. How can I go two years with that other knee having no cartilage, and have no pain? I feel that if I had not had the first knee replaced, I would be in good shape now, and not need any surgery at all. That is just my theory.

By the way, if I had not jumped and run to see the geese flying over, none of this may have happened. My concluding remark is:

gotsomeold 01-06-2015 10:22

I wonder if you had been living for some time with minimal knee cartilage - and your body/nerves had adjusted to the loss, so no real or acute pain. Then the trauma to the brain/nerves caused a change. Gradually, as it healed, your body found it's happy place again.

In my experience - a nerve caught in the mesh applied during hernia surgery - it really can take years for traumatized nerves to 'heal'/finish adjusting.

Don't blame the geese! They meant you no harm, and were mildly irritated by the loud "Whack" you produced.

My takeaway would be: before you go throwing your weight around like a twenty-year-old, make sure you are holding on to something solid!

BTW, I am glad you are still with us!

mbuster 01-06-2015 11:37

The very next year, goose hunting was legalized.

Richard157 01-06-2015 15:22

gotsomeold, your reply makes a lot of sense, thanks. I am being very careful with the non replaced knee. Stepping up on curbs with the replaced knee, etc.

mbuster, that was a very funny reply. Thanks

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