I'm having a lot of problems with my doctor...

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I'm having a lot of problems with my doctor...

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Default I'm having a lot of problems with my doctor...

I've been seeing a new doctor for about seven months.

We've had some disputes. He thinks the only reason I don't have kidney disease is because I haven't been diabetic long enough. He said this at two different meetings. I don't want my doctor thinking that complications are inevitable simply because I am diabetic. I work hard to reduce my risk and I feel like he's giving up on me.

At our last appointment, he looked over a blood sugar log I've been keeping for a while. He was impressed, said it's the best blood sugar he's ever seen from one of his patients (this doesn't inspire confidence), and then told me repeatedly that he thinks I was misdiagnosed diabetic.

UGH! I was not misdiagnosed. My blood sugar was in the 300s when I was diagnosed. I told him that and he just smiled and stared at me. What?!

Do you think it's worth sticking around? I could probably change doctors pretty easily, but if I leave I'll have to start over with a new doctor who may be worse. Is there any point in even arguing with him? Frustrated.

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I personally think that most doctors have the same attitude and it's very difficult to get them to think outside what they were taught years ago in med school. Much has changed since then and many diabetics take much more responsibility for controlling their BG levels. Many docs are just not prepared to accept that we are learning about our bodies and our diabetes and that we know how to control our BG levels now. I can't think of a single group of patients that does more to take care of themselves than diabetics.

I would stay with your doc for now but research other docs, maybe try to find out their opinions on diabetes care. If you find one that is more in tune to what you want from a doc, then make the change at that time.

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And if you DO go doc-shopping, interview THEM too, before you decide to switch. I discovered this years ago when I had a falling out with my obstetrician . . . so I went looking for a new one & I told him: We need to talk first. This is why I left my former doctor, and this is what I expect from you. Period. We got along fine for many years until I got too old to have babies & moved away from that area.

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Sounds suspicious to me. I would look around for a low-carb doc and see if you can find one.

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I think the medical profession in general thinks diabetes is a progressive disease and we all will get worse and need more and more meds and insulin. My CDE told me on my first vist all D's end up on Insulin. Then she proceeded to tell me to eat 45-60 grams of carbs per meal. Well, if people follow her advice I am sure they would be on insulin. Pretty early in my diagnosis I found I only needed my doctor to write Rx's and labs. Everything else I handle myself. I do my own diet and exercise and have been able to get HbA1c down to almost normal. My CDE told me to aim for 180 after meals, WTH!!! I aim for 110 and get much better results.

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I agree with Shanny I'd interview your next doctor...I'm lucky my GP has been open enough to grow through my learning...I wouldn't see anyone else it's so much work educating your doctor lol...but it is worth it...having a medical professional that believes you and is on your side is paramount.

I figure let them do what I need them to do (tests and prescriptions) and I can do the rest.

You do need to feel comfortable with your doctor...it takes time but I think building that relationship is important...he is the one person I'd never lie to...

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Get another doctor. If I had someone like that I would just see another one the next time I needed a prescription filled, and if necessary, another one after that. I want one that I am impressed with.

They are human too. Some of them are drug addicts, or alcoholics. They might be able to memorize enough to pass all the tests, but that doesn't mean they know how to use it.

I stuck with one dubm (hey, I like misspelling that one) doctor way too long out of a sense of loyalty. I thought 'everyone makes mistakes.' Paid way too much for that and won't do it again.

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Tell him that he is not the only knife in the drawer and that you need a sharper on than him.

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Default doctors

hi all
i just think they do as little as possible i have spoken to many docs and endos to onlt be led up the garden path
im after a insulin pump and have spoken about progressive complications you know what they all get exited to think im trying hard to control my condition but as soon as your out of that door your forgotten
i have been type 1 for around 18 years im now 36 and worry about getting older and problems that i may have later im just sick of being a number or a pain in there "£$%
im not sure what changing your doc will do but i think that you should go back and complain or right a letter to the pct they have to do what is right for you !!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Miss_Blue View Post
and then told me repeatedly that he thinks I was misdiagnosed diabetic.
This would make me run out the door - ASAP. I'm not sure how the next doc could be worse than this, with you once having numbers in the 300's.

Is this a GP, Internist, Endo? If it's a GP and you're happy with him otherwise, then maybe adding an endo to the mix so he's out of the diabetes loop.

Still, me? I'd run not walk.

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