A thank you and going to see the CDE today

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A thank you and going to see the CDE today

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Default A thank you and going to see the CDE today

I will listen to what she has to say, show her my meter when I eat carbs and go from there. She is at my ob/gyn's office (who diagnosed me and is comfortable treating me) but I am also making an appt with an endo. Anybody else in the Birmingham, AL area? I feel so alone. I laid in bed all weekend and cried and didn't check my blood sugar but also didn't have much of an appetite. I threw up breakfast yesterday. I am having a hard time dealing with this. I did take my number 2 hours this morning after breakfast (bacon and eggs) and it was 95. At least I am doing something right now. I will let you guys know how the appt goes. And thanks so much for all of your help and guidance. I already feel like I have friends on here and hope I can one day accept this and start enjoying my life again. It took all I had to get up and go to work today.

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Here's hoping the appointment goes well. Good luck, thisstinks!

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Wish you all the best!!!

Results on June 30, 2011

No medications taken

Glycosylated HGB 5.9% <4.3>6.1
Glucose(9hrs. FBS) 118 mg/dl <76>110
Glucose(2HrPP) 118.42 mg/dl >140

Creatinine .93 mg/dl <.50>1.20
SGPT/ALT 35 U/L <4>41
Potassium 4.29 meg/L <3.50>5.30

Cholesterol 172.26 mg/dl < 200
Triglycerides 77.77 mg/dl <10>190
HDL L 33.50 mg/dl >55
LDL 123.21 mg/dl <130
VLDL 15.55 mg/dl <2>38.00
CHOL/HDL Ratio H 5.14 <4.40
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Your bg numbers seem pretty good, you should be proud that you have adjusted your diet. The most important thing for a diabetic is to keep their bgs close to normal and that is what you are doing. Many people go for many years of D and never learn how to do this. By keeping close to normal bgs you will avoid many of the complications that are attributed to D. There is a lot of misinformation out there about Diabetes, especially Type 2. Don't let anyone tell you it is your fault. It isn't, it is just something that happens because your body can't get rid of the glucose from a normal amount of carbs. The media tells us that if we all ate healthy we would not have become D. Well, I have news for them many of us did eat healthy, were very active with exercise and maintained a fairly normal weight, so it is not our fault. Good Luck on your appointment. If she tells you that you should be eating more carbs ask he what an acceptable bg after meals is and at what point damage is done to your blood vessels because of glycation ( sugar sticking to blood molecules).

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diagnosed Feb 2007
low carb organic diet
3 T of Coconut Oil daily
moderate exercise- mostly walking 3-5 miles, tennis - 4 hours per week, weight training, hiking on weekends and vacations 7-10 miles

HbA1c 5.3 3/11
HbA1c 6.1 5/12

Age 62
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You absolutely have friends here, Jenn . . .

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Also - and I hope this is as true for you as it was for me - after an inital adjustment you WILL enjoy it and life.

Once I found the way of eating which keeps my BG normal I realized that it is simply the best way to eat (at least for me) diabetes or no. More importantly, I LOVE IT. I savor food. It tastes SOOOO good and (because it's LC/HF) it is extremely satisfying. I don't have cravings between meals. In fact sometimes its challenging to eat "on schedule". Other times, I might just skip a meal entirely and never miss it. It was never like this eating a more "standard" diet. Miss lunch and have a headache and/or grogginess and a funny-smelling mouth. Remember that?

This is not even a "diet" in any sense. I eat what I want and I eat when I want and as much as I want. The thing is, all of those things have changed in a way which is much better for my health.

I am thankful for diabetes every day. I hope you will feel that way soon.

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