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What is a cure for diabetes to you? - Page 3

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Originally Posted by Shanny View Post
Okay. This is the final round - final bell. I won't close the thread, but I expect sentient adults to pull in your horns & communicate in a courteous respectful manner. I understand only too well that other forums allow more intense discussions; I also understand that other sites break their forums down into separate boards to avoid the circumstances that can lead to these misunderstandings. At some future time we may expand but for now, this is how it is.

We are not other boards. We are small & close-knit. There is no place here for the kind of "blow-em-outta-the-water" or "put-em-in-their-place" posts that I've found elsewhere. We need to be more cognizant of where people are coming from before we make judgements & get involved in subjects we know little about. You may have noticed a dearth of comments from me on threads about using insulin. There's a reason for that, which is that I don't know sic 'em about insulin, and there are PLENTY of people here who DO know, so I need to stay out of those discussions.

This subject was sorta spring-loaded to begin with, posing a hypothetical question such as it does, but if handled with care, I think it can enable better comprehension & deeper understanding of the differences & the various difficulties faced by those of different types. Most of us know myths about type 2s being couch potatoes who brought it all on themselves with junk food, etc., etc., and there are just as many myths about type 1s like it's diagnosed only in children, they can't participate in active sports, etc. Our mission is to be supportive, learn everything we can to try to dispel the myths about all types, to step outside our own little bubbles to consider all angles of the issues, and above all, give our neighbors the benefit of the doubt.

Well said!! I have just come to learn after 10 years of being type2 It is very possible that I was Type1 to begin with. There is so much unknow about diabetes all together. If everyone knew everything about it there probably would be a cure My cure one day will to be happy and healthy in my own mind, body and soul. I learn so much from this forum everyday and honestly I like all the different opinions, sometimes it helps me think outside the box. LOL Thank you to all!!

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Just for a little more discussion, anyone have any ideas where they think a cure might come from? Islet cells? Pills?

Been alot of interesting comments, though let's try to keep them um...cordial, for the time being.

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In type one they have to find a way to control the immune systemic response to insulin production. Otherwise no transplants of any kind won't last very long. You have to eliminate the cause or it will just come back.

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Type 1 for 40 years now so dont tell me how to eat.
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for me cure is : Not inherit this T2 to my future kids

Formaly T2 Dx June'11 A1C 9.9
Jul'11 - 9.1

Vaper..no longer smoker

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Originally Posted by NickHill234 View Post
Just for a little more discussion, anyone have any ideas where they think a cure might come from? Islet cells? Pills?

Been alot of interesting comments, though let's try to keep them um...cordial, for the time being.
This seems a cryptic remark, but if you think more brainstorming on this is of vital importance, let's see what happens. Just be aware that if your mission here is to raise a ruckus, my patience is not infinite. I'm not a complete idiot - I remember how you got here.

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Exclamation This is enough said!!!!

I would wonder if there's a cure? A cure that don't involve further treatments. To me there will not be one as like a grazer who tend to cows for milk then all of a sudden, There's no demand for milk as if there's no demand for insulin. So then what would you think if the three companies that make insulin for our disease would think??

I would think that they will ither buy the said cure and say it's a failure and carry on this sale of insulin.

A cure
is a dream and always will be.

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Type 1 Diabetic for 43 Years.
Insulins Novorapid and Levemir.
So I am well armed to enjoy food of any kind!!!

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Default type 2 diabetes only!

type 2 diabetes only!

Just my personal opinion:

After researching and experimenting for 12 months I have concluded that a medical solution to type 2 diabetes is just a money pit going nowhere. It can only cover up the problem and most likely make the problem worse by deluding type 2 diabetics into thinking that the diabetic medications "work". They do not work! They do not heal anything!

I am more inclined to believe Dr Johanna Budwig and her demonstrated theory that most type 2 diabetes and cancer are caused by cellular asphyxiation which is caused by a lack of sufficient cellular Omega-3 fatty acids. I have tried her theory for over 4 months and my insulin sensitivity jumped from 5 mg/dl per unit insulin to 15 mg/dl per unit insulin allowing me to discontinue using Metformin which was destroying my kidneys. Unfortunately it would require around 12 months to affect a reversal and that does not take into consideration the damage already done to my beta cells or the autonomic nerve damage acquired over at least 13 years of frank diabetes type 2.

Unfortunately Dr Johanna Budwig's system does not stand much of a chance in our quick fix society. Also it can not be patented. Using insulin is a very fast remedy, it doesn't cure anything but it is a great "remedy". It looks like the truth about diabetes has been and will be suppressed for a long, long time. The powers that be even tried to prosecute Dr Johanna Budwig for telling the truth but the judges said that her system works (90% success rate) and your medical system does not work (5% success rate), so just stop being ridiculous, and stop embarrassing the rest of the medical establishment.


ColaJim, Age 73
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now taking:

Novolog as required
'Guessing is a scientific method" ~ Richard Feynman

I am not your librarian! Do your own research!. ~ ColaJim

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. ~ Winston Churchill
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Even if all political and greedy industrial barriers were removed, I don't believe that The One Cure for All Diabetes could possibly exist.

For Type 1s, underlying immune system deficiencies need to be resolved, while for Type 2s, underlying metabolic issues need to be resolved. And what about double diabetes?

Genetic factors also need to be fully revealed and resolved, certainly for Type 2s and possibly for certain Type 1s as well.

Further, I believe we've yet to discover or recognize every type of diabetes.

So I believe we can discuss how a cure would look and feel for each of us -- and it's a great and useful discussion! But if/when the barriers are broken, I suspect we'll be looking at several distinct and different cures, and they won't all come at once.

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For type 2 diabetes only:

Scurvy is s disease. Signs of scurvy include tiredness, muscle weakness, joint and muscle aches, a rash on the legs, and bleeding gums. Scurvy is caused by lack of vitamin C. If eating vitamin C or citrus fruits eliminates the symptoms, I would call vitamin C a cure for scurvy. One must continue to ingest vitamin C for a lifetime, in order to stay cured. Does that mean one is not cured?

If knocking out simple carbs and sugars and exercising reverses the symptoms of diabetes (high blood sugar and possible future complications) for some people, is it not considered a cure of sorts for them? For me, a reversal is a type of cure, even if it may not last forever.

Of course a guaranteed full cure would be even better. Where do I sign up for that?

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There is no cure for diabetes any more than one for scurvy. It is only a treatment as is Vit. C for it. It's a life long condition that never rectify's it. A good way to think about it! Clever on your part to combine the two conditions!

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cure, diabetes, type 1

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