Why is beer bad?

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Why is beer bad?

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Default Why is beer bad?

The diabetes educator said that beer will lower the blood sugar level. Our diabetic minister's husband repeated that. I usually don't drink much beer (3 maybe every month or 2). Saturday I was at a 4-hour concert (Steely Dan and Elton John but not the real ones). And my friend and I were lucky enough to be in sponsor tent with all the free beer you wanted. So I had 5 (regular cup sizes not the large ones). After a couple I took my sugar level and it was 132. After a couple more it was 123. Before I went to bed it was 110. So it looks indeed as if beer does lower the blood sugar, not raise it. Though maybe it does not lower it as much, but rather sort of a counter action. So it seems like beer would be OK to drink which, in fact, my diabetes educator also said as long as it is not on an empty stomach.

BTW not sure it matters but the beer was Two Brothers, Warrenville.

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Alcohol will reduce blood sugar basically because the liver is too busy processing that toxin to worry about dumping sugar into our blood stream. But the effect is temporary.

Offsetting that effect (and more) Beer is generally heavy on carbohydrate and that pushes up blood sugar.

So, since my diagnosis five years back, my tipple has changed from beer (the logical drink of my birthplace) to red wine (the logical drink of my adopted home).

I generally have one glass of red wine with dinner. If you're using medication, treat even small quantities of alcohol with caution.

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Testing is very important when consuming any food or beverage that contains carbs. Everyone is different and what is OK for one diabetic may not be for another. YMMV

If I were you, I'd test beer again a few more times. One time isn't enough, really. But it may be that you can handle a few beers now and then.

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Was this the same concert you rode your bike 10 miles to and from and came home with a 79? I'd say the bike ride may have made the beer not look bad on the BG meter.

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Heh, no. That was Sat night (I walked to). The bike ride was Sunday at 1:00 pm for the Blue Grass band at Cantigny. The Elton/Steely Dan concert I did walk to, and a friend drove me home.

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I have noticed that beer/alcohol does indeed drive down BG as well or at least doesn't spike it (has been shown to be true in studies as well) but it is temporary as the liver clears the alcohol first. What I have noticed is the next day, my FBG is always higher.

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I'd be looking at your glucose prior to the first two to really see what's going on. No question in my mind, beer is liquid bread that raises my blood glucose. I need to test at an hour to see it though, pretty much gone by two hours. Like John, I've switched to wine...mainly. I will still occasionally enjoy a single 12oz or 16oz Dead Guy (Great name. Since diagnosis the name as taken on new meaning. No more Dave's Killer Bread for me, though). I expect that macro-brew lite swill would look a little better on the meter, but I'd rather drink water.

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I tried and tested my BS after a beer, it was not good! It blew up my BS. I did then test after drinking a Micalob Ultra. It has 4.2% alcohol and 2.6g of carbs....so if I am gonna drink a beer, it is an Ultra. This from a guy who worked for Coors for 17years, but Coors light has 5g carbs....so it is out for me!

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I will second what John said, I have tested this at the movies, popcorn was hard for me to give up when I started LCHF so I ate a 1/2 sm bag of butter popcorn and tested I was at 140 (from 80ish). Next time I drank a flask of whiskey first and never went over 100, repeated the experiment several times same result. I use this to my advantage, for example I like the crab stuffed fried avocado at a local restaurant. But it has a light breading on it, so If I am going to eat it I must have a glass of Merlot first so that I don't process the breading and keep my numbers down. If I know the meal will be a little more carby than what I like I drink first . Update on the movie thing, I haven't had popcorn in almost 2 years, it took me a year to get over it now I bring my own snacks.

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I've tested beer. One beer itself doesn't raise it but it doesn't lower it for me either. Dry wine (almost always red but there are some white that are dry too) will lower it. So I have one glass of wine three or four nights a week. It also lowers my fasting.

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