Everyone's different, but...

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Everyone's different, but...

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Default Everyone's different, but...

I eat low carb aiming for around 70 carbs per day. Per my endocrinologists advice (which is a different story), I was upping my carb intake as a little experiment to about 100 carbs per day. It didn't seem to be affecting my numbers much.

I stopped the extra carbs a week ago, and this week my numbers are about 50 points higher and slower to come back down. I'm trying to figure out why. Especially, because I cut my carbs to about 40 per day the last 5 days. I'm exploring how lifestyle affects my numbers.

I know everyone is different, but I'm trying to get a vague sense of how numbers can be affected by infection, stress, sleep deprivation etc. All I can really find is that you numbers can be affected. How much? 10-20 points? 50-70? 90-100? Does it affect meals or just fasting? Is having an infection worse than being stressed? Are type 1, 2s, and "normal" people affected differently? Lots of questions and no answers.

I'm not so sure I know how accurately I can track myself either. I can track how many carbs I have at a meal and see the effect on my meter, but how do I judge just how tired, stressed, or sick I am, besides an educated guess.

Any tips or articles? Thank you for reading.

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The body's principal aim is survival. For that, it partitions incoming resources for use in bad times. During your higher carb days your liver probably got fully stocked with glycogen, and now in the days when you are cutting back on them, it will release from it's stores. It doesn't know when to stop because of Insulin Resistance & faulty insulin signalling. It will take around 2-3 weeks to get back to your older normals.

How stress, fatigue or infection affects each one's numbers is unique to that person like a finger print. If it was any easier, it would have put a lot of people out of business. YMMV.

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Thanks for replying! I guess I'm a bit confused because from my understanding your liver dumps to match what it is used to, and my numbers didn't change. Also, I feel like my glycogen stores were never depleted in the first place taking in 70 carbs per day. So why go into overdrive now? Would love to know more!

I know there's no concrete answer with how stress, illness etc. affects levels, but I'm trying to learn more. I would love to hear people's experiences or take a look at any scientific or personal experiments done. Thanks

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It helps when you're logging/graphing your own numbers for a decent period of time so you can begin to recognize your own personal patterns and trends. Then when things deviate from that, the alarm bells start going off. That's why it's of less importance what others experience, than what you have determined to be your own baseline.

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What came to my mind in reading your post is that you may have increased protein when you reduced carbs. Some of the excess protein not utilized by the body is converted to glycogen and stored in the liver. Some diabetics do see an overall rise in BG if they eat too much protein.

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You're going to drive yourself crazy.

You are trying to do an experiment with a very large number of variables, few of which you can control or isolate.

Just do it the easy and simple way, and keep your carbs at a minimum (no more than 50 gm per day) and eat to your meter.

Trying to see how high you can go and still "get away with it" is not a wise way to manage diabetes.
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Low carb is less than 50g of carbs a day, (VLC is less than 20g) you are not eating low carb.

How you react to stress or illness depends on you, for John BG rises, for me it crashes. Keep a diary and you'll soon see your own pattern.

As for scientific papers I'd suggest a search on PubMed

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