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walkerwally1 04-24-2016 01:02

That sounds like a good plan. Your Doctor is correct that Metformin alone will not lower fasting levels but in most cases Metformin and diet WILL lower blood sugar. Fasting, before meals and after meals. I hate combination drugs because if there is a problem you don't know which drug is causing it and can't stop one by itself.
I think it's unfortunate that most doctors look at fasting bg and
A1c only and make their decisions on that limited information. I have had doctors that I have taken my blood sugar log to and they wouldn't even look at it. I put up with this for many years before I decided to take control away from my doctor and would fire one in a heart beat nowadays.

Katieboosmama 04-24-2016 01:45

My Dr is being a little hypervigilant as she missed the elevated levels a year ago on my last physical. She is on "probation" with me we will see how she handles how I have been managing my levels. She did tell me to test only in the morning fasting and right before bed, but the control freak in me like the eat to the meter method. Thanks for all the advice!

moon 04-24-2016 02:30

Love it - your doc being on probation! :)

My endo also told me I didn't have to test so much. The only reason I was seeing her was to discuss insulin dosing, and how the heck does one do that without testing?

We have a good relationship, because when we disagree, she lets me break the tie :) As long as it does no harm (sure - here's a script for 7 test strips/day), that's how it should be.

div2live 04-24-2016 21:16

Katie I love your 'attitude'....with your doctor! I had to boot my first one and found a guy that is so....much better.

I know you have been on the LCHF for a short time, when reading you post I thought of a couple of experiences I had when I start this last year.

1. The first time I hit a '70ish' reading I was a bit shaky, like I had had way to much coffee. My fist reaction was 'Oh my God, I've done it now'! So I quickly drank a small orange juice and ate part of an apple....sure enough that bumped me up and gave me a big hyper....and that night after dinner, my cravings for carbs came back with vengeance! I posted some of this and all the 'old guard' told my I reacted improperly. Should have just ate my normal meal and I would have been fine. I found out later that as I got my A1c better and my body adjusted to this LCHF model that readings in the 70's are nothing, no shakes or nothing. Since I take only Metformin and slow acting insulin once at night not really anyway for me to get a dangerous low.....even when I fast for 24hrs. no dangerous lows....

2. When I felt weak, tired, or even dizzy during the first month or so I think it was due to low salt, so I increased my salt intake and that did it. Although sometimes I will take a fat bomb with the salt and that really turns me from tired to energy bunny, so says my wife....! I will go no further on that level

Good Luck

Katieboosmama 04-24-2016 21:29

Thanks Div2Live! I really do like my Dr took me a while to find her after I fired my old one for telling me I couldn't have Fibro because it didn't exist, he referred me to a Rheumatologist thinking I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, and guess what she diagnosed...yup Fibro, so nope not trusting him to treat me. Found my current DR and really liked her. I am going on the "everybody makes mistakes" as long as no lasting harm done, and she doesn't argue too much with the LCHF management I will keep her. However if I have organ or system damage, or she gives me a hard time, I'll find another. Like you my first thought was I needed some carbs, but just did not want to do that because I knew I would have to deal with the cravings again. So I ate some almonds and then my regular lunch. Took a nap and didn't feel great for the rest of the day, but was some better. Today a light headache, but otherwise fine. :)

Bunjee 05-08-2016 20:32

My late Dad collapsed when his blood sugar was 43, so I would say 50 is too low for most people (he just REFUSED to regularly test his blood sugar and had lost a lot of weight without adjusting his insulin). However, I have problems when my blood sugar drops to 90 because I get rapid drops. So while it's not dangerous physiologically, it is if you are driving when that happens. Fortunately, until recently, metformin keeps me from going too high so any rapid drop is only about 20-30 points vs. 60 or more.

Since then, I have found that if I have a rapid drop, I can eat 3-4 grapes or a dozen blueberries. It doesn't not cause my blood sugar to rise, but slows the fall. I keep these in the freezer. If I am away from home, 2 or 3 raisins when I FIRST start feeling icky seems to do it. I don't use sugar candy as a solution because I found that just raises my blood sugar too much and I get that rebound effect that has been mentioned elsewhere on this board. Have at least a piece available in your handbag, at least until you figure out what works for you. Now, this is based on metformin alone, and not using insulin.

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