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Sholleman 10-12-2016 22:08

Why is my blood sugar higher 2 hours after eating?
I've been testing my blood sugar now since Sunday. I read the Blood Sugar 101, and ate normally Sunday & Monday; then started eating properly yesterday. WOW, what a difference, thank goodness!

But, when I was eating normally, the 2nd hour after I ate, my blood sugar only went down a little; for example from 119 at 1hr to 109 at 2 hrs; most were similar to that. I had two that were REALLY high, at 157 and 161 after the 1st hr (I had coffee w/3 tsp sugar ea time w/a sweet breakfast once and popcorn the 2nd time), and the 2nd hours were 99 and 143 respectively.

Now that I'm eating like I should (yesterday, I had a total of 31.76 carbs), my 2nd hour is HIGHER. ??????? I'm testing at (listing 1st hr, then 2nd hr) 118/115; 133/142; 85/87; 88/95 & 114/118. All have gone up the 2nd hour except one.... Any reason why that would be?

thanks again.

VeeJay 10-12-2016 22:32

Could you tell us exactly what you ate - carbs and fats specifically, and amount of protein.

Fats: fats digest slower than carbs, and sometimes that will delay the digestion of carbs, causing the BG peak to be further out. Pizza is one of those foods that can delay the spike for an hour or two.

Fiber: if the meal had a lot of fiber or difficult to digest foods, that could delay digestion. Pasta is one of those foods.

Protein: if one eats a lot of protein, some of the excess (that's not needed for repair and maintenance) is changed to glucose and stored in the liver, and some of that could have been released into your bloodstream. I have read here from some who use insulin that they have to consider protein as well as carbs.

My own experience with testing showed the spike to be more at 1-1/2 hours than 1 hour, and sometimes 2 hrs. Every body is different.

Sholleman 10-13-2016 20:56

Your answer helped a little, as I don't eat much at all, so it's easier to pick out what's going on.

Examples when it went up included a Whey Protein mix that I drink daily for energy. It's a MUST in my diet, as I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and it's one of two possible supplements that have actually given me a noticeable increase in energy in over 30 years and multitudes of treatments.

It has 6 carbs, and I used to mix it with 1/2 cup of milk, but that was 6 more, so I've reduced that to 1 tbsp of cream and about 1/3 cup water...and gulp it down!...anyway:
1 hour = 133 day 1, 114 2nd day, and 102 today (so, getting better).
2 hours =142 " , 118 " , 105 ".

Now that I've seen your explanation, and that the numbers aren't that much different, just higher, and that was my concern, but as you said, everyone is different......learning :smile2:.


kazz8888 10-14-2016 15:48

Hi sholleman, with my experience and how Only I am, lots of things can affect my BG readings. I tested with a meter until it drove me and my family crazy. But it was worth it. Lots of suppliments I thought were a must in my diet drove my BG high. I learnt to replace them with other things that didn't. Some suppliments I read diabetics shouldn't take, yet they are fine for me. You have to test with your meter and adjust accordingly. Sometimes with me I've learnt other things affect my BG. If I'm hot, which happens a lot where I live, excersize, also with me I have graves as well so everything is all over the place. I've learnt nothing is textbook about Diabeties. I've personally had to become really in tune with myself..hope you get that. Also I've tested herbs and non traditional medicine eg, fenugreek which works wonders for me and cinnamon, but you have to take the right cinnamon.lots of tweeks in my way of eating and substitutes I've managed to get to a level where I have lots of energy and am feeling really good regardless of what I have to combat. Also in my own experience carbs can build up and booom...I'm at a place now where I am very comfortably in control, but that is a result of test test test...I learnt that very valuable lesson from this forum. Also you kinda have to commit to LCHF there is no in between. Results come from committing to LCHF. I do so hope you sort things out. Lots of things can influence those readings out of your control. Stress, activity, weather, build up of carbs eaten prior...list goes on. Try not to be too hard on yourself either. I wish you all the best.

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