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betic07 02-12-2009 21:48

Why Do we lie to our Doctors?
So today I went to my Endo appointment. My Endo is a great Dr. Finally!!! Because I have came across some not so nice or understanding Dr.ís. I feel like I could ask him all the questions that I need to without being judged or thought of as an ignorant patient. I found myself lying to him about certain questions that he would ask me. When I would get out of his office I would ask myself ďwhy did I just do that?Ē I was putting my life in jeopardy, by not being honest. I guess I did it because I didnít want to admit to myself let alone my Doctor that I donít have the best habits in the world.
As a diabetic there is soo much that is expected of us. We need to learn about eating habits, and actually out them in effect with our daily routines. We are also expected to know about self testing, come up with an exercise regimen. Of course with all these things that we have to keep up with, donít you think something is going to slip my mind? Like that juicy cheeseburger that I had for lunch or that candy bar that I had for dinner a few weeks ago that I was still paying for a few days later.

So I was asking my friends why do we lie to our Doctors? I mean they are probably the one person who we have to completely be honest with. They have our lives in their hands. Itís not like they are going to tell anyone because they canít break that Patient Doctor Confidentiality paper that we signed the first day we came to see them. So then again there goes my $100 question why do we lie to our Doctors? You Should out DiabeticUnion . Com

Richard157 02-13-2009 01:07

Welcome to our community! OK, I will make a guess. You had been going to doctors who were not so great and they judged you and thought you did not try to have good control. You lied to them to avoid the unpleasant scene that would follow. Now you have a doctor who would be much easier to talk to and who would not judge you but you are having a hard time breaking old habits. You don't know the new doctor that well yet and your early impression may not be completely true. How did I do??? Do I get a $100? LOL!

I have lied to some doctors in the past. Now I have one (for 31 years now) who understands me so well and I do NOT lie to him. We have built a great trust and friendship. If I do something completely different and it is working he makes a note and approves. It might be unpleasant the first time we lie to a doctor but if he/she is a good doctor and not judgemental then we owe it to ourselves to be completely honest so we can build that relationship of mutual trust. That is the kind of doctor-patient relationship that we all need. It is up to us to plant the seed and watch a great relationship grow!!

OK, I will climb down from my soap box and hush now. Please think about it and do the right thing for the sake of your good health.


Terrie 02-14-2009 11:08

Good thoughts from Richard.

Doctors have always had the God complex which they bestow on their new Patients for as long as they can. In turn, many Patients feel that they have to lie to them because they fear a chance of disappointing the Dr. or a possible disapproving look or a scolding for not following the planned regimen. The lab results can reveal this.

As suggested, it is in your Best interest to do the Best that you can regarding your Diabetes care. Then you can feel confident going into your Dr.'s office and being able to answer his questions truthfully.

Since there is a major lack of Dr's around the world now, they are not too Happy wasting their time on a Patient who is non-compliant when they could be helping a Diabetic who is willing to work at keeping himself/herself under somewhat better control by diet, exercise and taking meds. when needed. Many Doctors have even dropped non-compliant Patients to lessen their caseload or to add new Patients. It also looks Bad for the Dr's, if many of their Patients are not showing improvement or maintaining Good health.

Off the soapbox. :D

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