Diabetes and Depression

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Diabetes and Depression

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Default Diabetes and Depression

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There is evidence that the prevalence of depression is moderately increased in prediabetic patients and in undiagnosed diabetic patients, and markedly increased in the previously diagnosed diabetic patients compared to normal glucose metabolism individuals [7]. The prevalence rates of depression could be up to three-times higher in patients with type 1 diabetes and twice as high in people with type 2 diabetes compared with the general population worldwide [8]. Anxiety appears in 40% of the patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes [9]. The presence of depression and anxiety in diabetic patients worsens the prognosis of diabetes, increases the non-compliance to the medical treatment [10], decreases the quality of life [11] and increases mortality [12]. The Association Between Diabetes Mellitus and Depression
While I realized we have discussed this topic a thousand times before, I feel it is an important topic we need to discuss again.

Have you experienced depression with your diabetes?

I definitely experienced some depression but for me, it was more a matter of frustration that I could not seem to control it following all the guidelines I was given after my diagnosis. Although there are still times that it shows up now and then, once I was able to gain the control of my number by living a KETO lifestyle, it made all the difference in the world for me.

What has helped you?

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Oh yes that elusive word depression with all it abstract and nebulous features that is constantly in motion.

Reflecting back on my 40+ year voyage with type 1 diabetes i will search for this demon at the many defining crosswinds that defined my life. With the most crystal & photographic recollection, ill try to address what my perspective was.

Diagnoses of Type 1 Sept 12 1977 at age 20
While I was unphased by the diagnoses, part of that was not knowing what damage this disease can inflict to the human body and the fact there was no one else i knew who had type 1 diabetes to talk to. It was like a foreign alien who landed in my space as we spoke different languages.

Changing of the Guard
Migrating from a physical job to a desk job brought big increases in insulin and more lows and highs. It was a way of life and like going from a low tide on a late spring morning to a high tide brought on by a chain of storms, i adapted and no presense of depression

The Loss of Awareness of Low Blood Sugar Levels
Uncertainty replaced the old rules of the game. Now i had to walk along steep cliffs with sure footing to maintain my balance or end up looking up at paramedics and bright lights. No sign of depression yet

Life Saving Surgery Which Came to the Rescue like a Ariel Medevac
Finding out at age 44 i required emergency heart bypass surgery due to diabetes slicing up the highways that led to my heart. I think stunned and surreal was more appropriate as i had to reinvent how I was going to live my life.

A Second Chance
First pancreas transplant attempt lifted me to soaring heights but like a engine catching fire in a spacecraft, the reentry back to earth was a thunderous splash
when the pancreas was lost due to a blood clot after a week. Depression had rented a room in my home for a few months but was ejected from my world for being a hindering hardship.

A Dear Friend Departs after 11 Special years
2 and half yrs ago my second pancreas transplant ran out of fuel and was left on the side of the rode along Route 66 between New Mexico and Texas. I will admit that I have not completely recovered emotionally from this loss even though i knew it was inevitable at the time of receiving it. My latest pursuit of getting a islet cell transplant as part of a trial did not become reality and now like a cowboy who gets thrown from a temperamental bull, i spit the dust out of my mouth, rub my wounds, and lift my butt up seeking a new tomorrow

Diabetes is a 24/7 disease which demands constant management, adjustments, resiliency, strength and coping skills and depression certainly lives in the neighborhood but instead of a crime watch program, a depression watch effort is highly advised

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Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes Sept 12 1977
Developed Hypoglycemic Unawareness Dec 83
8 grandmal seizures requiring paramedics + ER
Dx heart disease in 2000; triple bypass surgery
2 pancreas organ transplants 2001+2004 at Univ Minn & Univ Calif San Francisco med ctr
Dx with cancer twice 2007 & 2008, stage 2 & 3
Lost 2 transplanted pancreas; 6/2001 & 6/2015
Longtime advocate & member of diabetes & cancer support forums for 15 yrs. A1c 5.0

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I was diagnosed with depression at age 15, diabetes at age 47. I noticed that my depression ramps up when my BG goes way up. Keeping my BG numbers down is very important to keep depression from being more debilitating than it already is.

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I experienced depression only once back about 23 years ago. I was getting in to the habit of drinking 33 ozs of diet soda every day. This eventually took it's toll. This wasn't just feeling down - this was a more of "don't care if I live anymore" thing.

My doctor saw a trend between artificial sweeteners and depression based on his own patients. Both he and my spouse suggested I stop drinking diet beverages so I did and my depression went away. I've not had no artificial sweeteners since that time ,don't plan to do so and I have not had depression since.

No diet colas for me!

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I have experienced chronic depression since I was a young child with exacerbations in teenagehood, postnatally and at menopause. I have tried many antidepressants and seen about 10 psychologists and counsellors with no relief. I have attended and graduated from a 10 week CBT course. I just have to live with it now as nothing helps. I feel ok when talking to friends and relatives but as I seem ok on the surface, nobody believes my lifelong depression!

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I haven't noticed a link between depression and my newly diagnosed diabetes (2 years) but I have lived with winter depression every year since moving to Vermont. I start to feel a let down in October and in May something lifts. Since reading about serotonin reuptake and how some of us have a strong tendency to it in the winter, I self-medicated with St Johns Wort, 300mg in the morning and 300 at night. Wow. Wow. I am not that flat, dull, absent-minded self-absorbed person I have been in the cold months. Highly recommend for those who can tolerate it.

It is a strong non-regulated substance. If you want to try it, please read up on it first. You have to ramp up, and then ramp down in the spring.

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I have tried St Johns Wort a few times with no effect at all. I believe that my depression is not due to a serotonin lack, hence why SSRI's and St John's Wort have not worked for me.

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I've had bouts of depression from time to time throughout my adult life. I guess the first time I noticed it was during my Mom's illness. It took a toll on everyone. In hindsight, I experienced "the blues" after my divorce. I didn't realize it at the time cuz I moved back home with my parents. They kept me busy and took my mind off my problems.

Sometimes for no apparent reason, I'll feel blah. Not sick blah, but "blues" blah. It's hard to explain. I suffer from anxiety, so I usually chalk it up to that.

Looking back, I think my Mom suffered from bouts of depression. I remember once a year, she would be in bed. I hated that time of year. It usually happened in Feb-Mar timeframe. The house would be dark and quiet. My Mom was a very lively person who laughed and enjoyed music. During these times, it would be like everything was still. UGH!

Thanks for allowing me to purge

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27 Mar 20:
A1C: 6.2%
Cholesterol: 170
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Hoping to work myself back to the 5% Club.

Wishing y'all Peace & Love!
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Originally Posted by Annieliese View Post
I have experienced chronic depression since I was a young child with exacerbations in teenagehood, postnatally and at menopause. I have tried many antidepressants and seen about 10 psychologists and counsellors with no relief. I have attended and graduated from a 10 week CBT course. I just have to live with it now as nothing helps. I feel ok when talking to friends and relatives but as I seem ok on the surface, nobody believes my lifelong depression!

I liked this, not because I like your pain, but because I totally understand it. I too deal with depression and know that my circle of friends have no idea about the pain. Im so sorry you live under this dark cloud.

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