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Cricket 02-16-2018 20:34


Originally Posted by itissteve (Post 1275578)
Sorry you couldn't make the breakup complete, Cricket.

Yeah, I am a bit frustrated, but it is what it is...

Infinite 02-21-2018 09:38

Don't give up, effort always brings positive results.

Cricket 02-21-2018 16:25


Originally Posted by Infinite (Post 1276562)
Don't give up, effort always brings positive results.

I have been doing some research and discovered it can take a few years of strict KETO before insulin resistance begins to back down. I will definitely approach my desire to start removing Metformin from my daily routine (or replace it with Berberine) in the future, but it won't me right now.

For now, I am giving things more time.

Hearts Jounrey 02-26-2018 22:30

Cricket i wanted to offer this song to you as a tribute to your breakup with metformin

Cricket 02-27-2018 00:18

Eventually, I will beat this challenge! :biggrin:

bignick 03-06-2018 15:06

I remember reading about how metformin can/may extend your life years ago. I just googled it and there is a lot of info there. Non diabetics are taking it too for health benefits. I'd read before in most people Metformin is very safe and there are no down sides like in many meds.

I'm no expert, but it seems like possibly this may be one med we may want to continue to take for its potential benefits. My A1c has bee 5.2 over a year and I'm happy to still take 500mg X 2 of Met. daily and will continue to do so.

I did quit taking Lisinopril totally a couple of years ago, quit statins 14 months ago, cut my low dose of Carvedilol in half over a year ago, quit baby aspirin 2 years ago, quit vitamins several years ago. I don't like feeling dependent on drugs or supplements.

Cricket 03-06-2018 17:11

Right now, I am going to leave it alone and keep taking it.

At some point, I may do a test to see if I could completely replace it with Berberine but right now, I am getting consistent results, so not going to mess with it yet.

Vichris88* 03-06-2018 20:25

Well its not all bad news. I don't know if you have heard about this but Metformin has some some surprising anti-aging qualities. My Dr. told me I could quit taking my metformin when I was diagnosed with T1 but when I asked him about the anti-aging qualities I had read about he agreed with me that it might be worth taking a single daily dose. I used to take 1000mg,.....500 twice a day. I now take one 500mg dose each morning. Some pretty good studies have found that people who take Metformin for diabetes outlive people who don't have diabetes and who are not taking Metformin.

I cant post a link but if you google anti-aging Metformin you will find some good info about this subject,....particularly one from Web MD......... :cool2:

Hearts Jounrey 03-06-2018 21:50

Some patients with type 1 diabetes may benefit from the addition of metformin to their ongoing insulin regimen. I've read that patients in whom it would make some sense to consider using metformin are those who are overweight,
require large doses of insulin, and/or continue to have uncontrolled A1c values despite adherence to insulin.

Patients should be made aware that hypoglycemia may become more likely once metformin is added to their insulin regimen.

JaysonS 03-07-2018 12:24

Kind of a Change here sorry been out of touch for a while but had trouble retrieving my Password when my computer Crashed .. Will try to keep it brief but need to explain it all as well .. When First knew I had Type 2, 500mg twice daily was doing real well as long as stayed on very Low Carb diet .. Think had some trouble with Pancreatitus and became very difficult to stay under 150 even with almost 0 Carbs and Metformin was increased to 1,000 Twice Daily and still morning reading was 120-140 .. Dr added for me to try 10mg Jardiance take early morning with or without food and it did well dropping anywhere from 10-20% all on it's own without food .. Dr opted to remove my Gall Bladder 2 days ago which went well was out of the Hospital in 6 Hours Surgery and All .. the Last 2 mornings my Sugar has been 102 and 110 in the morning and only have taken 500 mg of Metformin 30 mins before eating have not taken Jardiance since the morning before Surgery as don't feel want to take the risk of dropping it 20% at that low a reading .. Will follow up and see if this just after effects of Surgery or if the possibility that perhaps my Gall Bladder had something to do with my high morning Sugar readings which for the last 6 months was my highest reading of all .. Either way was mainly putting this out if any have heard that removing Gall Bladder gave one a Lower A1C Reading in the Morning Fast anyway ..

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