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Cricket 03-09-2018 23:59


Originally Posted by fjk2013 (Post 1282290)
Cricket, if I am not mistaken from what I calculated for the last dose of Metformin to leave your system completely it will take a total of 96 hours. Each half-life of metformin is 17.6 hours so; you would need to go through 5.5 half lives or 4.03 days for the last dose to be out.

Hang in there and I have my fingers crossed for you!


Thank you for figuring that out for me. I was just trying to research it.

Cricket 03-10-2018 01:17

Day 1 (24 hours) is now complete.

Blood sugar 1 hour after supper 95.

Hearts Jounrey 03-10-2018 01:31

Is the goal to completely get off all oral meds while maintaining close to normal bs readings with keto, exercise and stable body weight?

Cricket 03-10-2018 16:12


Originally Posted by Hearts Jounrey (Post 1282354)
Is the goal to completely get off all oral meds while maintaining close to normal bs readings with keto, exercise and stable body weight?

What a perfect question. :smile2:

You made me stop and think so I could evaluate what it is I am actually going for.

My goal (over the last 5+) years has been a moving target that continues to evolve.

Initially, I just wanted to feel better. That quickly changed to wanting to see better blood glucose control. My daughter reminded me recently that there was a time when I was happy to see numbers under 250 and figured I was finally where I "needed to be".

Over time, my goal became getting off of as many meds as possible. My desire to make that happen became possible with a LCHF lifestyle, but even that has evolved. Initially, it was all about the carbs. Slowly but surely, I started caring more about the actual ingredients that I put in my mouth. As I look back over the last year, I am surprised how many different things I have tweaked. As an example, I seriously limit processed foods now, including protein bars. I am not sure if "clean eating" is part of my diabetes goal or just something I worked in along the way.

As y'all know, I now live a strict KETO lifestyle. It isn't tough or complicated. I keep things very simple and don't feel deprived. I feel healthier than I have in years.

Then why don't I just leave it alone? Who knows, I might, but for now, this last goal I am looking at is getting off the last prescription medication, Metformin. If it happens, that is fine. If it doesn't, that will be fine too. I have ONE stubborn blood glucose reading a day that drives me crazy. My fasting numbers are good, but one hour later my numbers make a jump that I don't like. It stays there until I eat then gradually comes back down. The rest of the day (and night) my numbers are about as perfect as they could be.

Dang! I wrote a novel just to figure out what my actual goal is. I want to maintain normal blood glucose numbers. If possible, I want to do so without prescriptions. I want to maintain my weight within normal parameters and increase my physical fitness.

Bunjee 03-13-2018 01:08

Here I am struggling to get back on Metformin. One of the reasons is because without it, my knees hurt - all the time. Even 1000 mg. and it goes away. So, I am finding that I can take it for several months, then give it a few months break and then take it again. Apparently that is what is going to work for me - which is a pain since it takes about 6 weeks to get up to glucose lowering amounts in your blood.

While there is no specific evidence that metformin reduces inflammation, a lot of people have randomly reported improvement in joints when taking it. It's probably responsible for my lower morning BG as well, tanked up because of inflammation caused by bursitis.

Don't beat yourself up if you can't give up the metformin. Maybe your ultimate goal will simply be using a minimum amount to maintain your lower BG. When you are already at normal weight, exercising and still having some BG issues, maybe there is something else going on that they haven't yet figured out?

Cricket 03-13-2018 14:52

So far the experiment is not going well. I may decide to end it early.

Just like before, my fasting number is beautiful. About an hour later, my numbers start to get crazy and don't begin to come back down until I eat a full meal. Unfortunately, my stomach doesn't tolerate food in the morning and the KETO coffee doesn't seem to be enough to stop the rise like it does when I am on Metformin.

I will ponder this throughout the day...

I have a feeling my thyroid and pituitary gland have conversations with my liver and my pancreas that without Metformin, don't end well.

Kinda bummed...

Cricket 03-13-2018 21:58

1 Attachment(s)

Dear Metformin,

I am sorry I doubted you. Can we be friends again?

- me

My fasting glucose is normally right around 100. For some unknown reason, dawn phenomenon is late for me. I tend to see about a 20 point rise in my numbers until I give in and eat.

I forgot to check my fasting this morning so this starts about 90 minutes after I woke up.

Attachment 11146

Just before the 11:37 check, I drank KETO coffee.

Following the 12:48 check, I ate 4 slices of bacon.

While I expected my blood sugar to increase for a bit during this experiment, I definitely was not expecting it to rise this much.

This is more than I am willing to play with so I will return to my Metformin dosage tonight.

Yeah, I am a bit frustrated, but at least I know now...

fjk2013 03-13-2018 22:23

Sorry to hear this news but at least you gave it a good try and you have solid data to back your decision.


Cricket 03-14-2018 00:29

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To give you an idea of how funky the results are, right now my blood glucose is 72. Such a huge range in a single day. (Won't be taking my Metformin until bedtime.)

Attachment 11154

Cricket 03-14-2018 00:36

Just playing devil's advocate for a moment...

I wonder if there is a possibility it was just taking the Beberine time to build up in my system? Should I go one more day to see what happens?

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