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Cricket 01-31-2018 18:49

Dear Metformin: I'm Breaking Up With You!
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Once my A1c returned to non diabetic numbers (5.4) following my initial diagnosis A1c of 13+, my doctor mentioned I could start working on reducing or eliminating my use of Metformin ER. I have been nervous to do so. (Irrational fear?)

For more than a month now, I have been putting off this decision. It's time for me to find out if I can do this without any medications.

I will start tonight by reducing my mediation by one pill. After each full week I will reduce it more until I am no longer on the med.

I will monitor my results closely and post them here as well.

Crossing my fingers. :smile2:

Cricket 01-31-2018 19:14

P.S. I started out with many more meds. This is the last one.

hftmrock 01-31-2018 23:11

You are amazing! You are a model for all of us!!!

fjk2013 02-01-2018 00:37

Good for you Cricket! You are a much better patient than I am.

I started to reduce my Metformin as of the 1st of the year; I did not ask my physician I only gave him a heads up back in December that I will monitor my numbers as always and what I predicted my A1C to be 5.7 or better by April.

So, I am still keeping a Keto lifestyle and reduced my metformin by 500mg per day (that is a 25%) reduction. So, far for all of January I saw my numbers stay the same for fast and post prandial. Tomorrow is Feb 1st and I am reducing another 500mg. If I start seeing my numbers creeping up I will add back the 500mg. That is the beauty of testing you will know what works and what does not.

I am sure you will do fine.


Cricket 02-01-2018 02:41


Originally Posted by hftmrock (Post 1270642)
You are amazing! You are a model for all of us!!!

I don't know how much of a model I am. I am just stubborn enough that I finally took control of my own health. :devil:

alamogirl 02-01-2018 21:25

I'm so happy for you Cricket. I agree with hftmrock. You give the rest of us hope.

Patches 02-03-2018 16:47

So proud of you too. Thank you for posting this.

Cricket 02-07-2018 15:29

One week into monitoring this I saw an increased fasting glucose number this morning, so going to watch this a few more days without making more changes. (Just in case it is a fluke.) If it continues, my level of insulin resistance may be too high to say goodbye to Metformin just yet.

Dear Metformin,

I may need to keep you around a little bit longer.


Cricket 02-16-2018 18:14

For now, I am going to stop this trial run of reducing Metformin, with the hopes of eventually eliminating the need for it all together.

At some point I may replace it with Berberine, but right now, I am not happy with my morning numbers (my numbers jump about an hour after waking). It is possible I am just too insulin resistance to get away with not taking it. I will look at this again in 3-6 months.

itissteve 02-16-2018 19:16

Sorry you couldn't make the breakup complete, Cricket.

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