Changing of the seasons + more sunlight = happy diabetic

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Changing of the seasons + more sunlight = happy diabetic

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Default Changing of the seasons + more sunlight = happy diabetic

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering if this is a common phenomena or if it's just an isolated incident. I've noticed that since the weather has become milder and we have more sun light my BGs have been unbelievably good.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm outside more catching the rays, but from what I can tell - other than a walk three times a week from zero times a week during the winter months not a whole lot has changed. Still sitting in front of the computer for hours at work - still eating the same but my BGs have been running between 65 - 145 and I came close to going in to hypo mode twice yesterday.

It's almost like I'm experiencing a honeymoon period like I did when I was a little kid. I obsess about keeping records and this is basically a trend as it tends to happen every year at this time until I hit allergy season in June.

Anyone have similar experiences for this time of year?

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I don't have more than this year documented, but I've noticed a run of significantly lower BG readings (maybe 10-15%) that can't be attributed to anything but warmer weather and being able to get outside more on a regular basis.

I work less riding my bike casually than I do clearing snow. But I can get out on my bike almost every day. I'd be homocidal if I had to clear snow every day.

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Now with less sugar!

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I don't know about my numbers because I haven't considered them in connection with seasons. I do know that my depression becomes less.

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My experience is my glucose would drop doing mild, moderate, or intense activities as the on board insulin becomes more sensitive and the muscle uptake of glucose accelerates. For people with type 1 diabetes, aerobic exercise usually causes blood glucose concentration to drop rapidly, while anaerobic exercise may cause it to rise, thereby making glycemic control challenging. When i was younger and on NPH only or NPH and Regular, i would have more time to get thru my activity such as mountain biking or running 10k without my glucose going too low where I would have to treat myself. But when on humalog, there is no way i would be able to get more than 15 min into a moderate event needing carbs. Be aware stores of glycogen in your liver and muscles can become depleted and it takes time build the glycogen level up again. If a type 1 falls asleep with insulin on board and they have a low level of glycogen stores, hypoglycemia episodes could occur.

As for the season change or sunlight exposure, its likely someone may be more active in warmer weather and if they dont reduce their insulin accordingly, lows will occur.

I found an exerpt from url below that gives a detailed explanation.

The amount of glucose that normally circulates in the blood of a person weighing 70 kg is only estimated to be 4g, and this glucose is critical for normal function in many tissues. At the onset of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, glucose production by the liver increases 5- to 10-fold to match peripheral glucose disposal into working muscle, or if not done, circulating glucose levels will drop. In healthy, nondiabetes patients, glucose production can be up to 10 mg/kg body mass/min during high-intensity aerobic exercise (i.e., 50–70% of maximal aerobic capacity, VO2 max) with very minimal changes in circulating glucose concentration.During intense anaerobic exercise that typically lasts only seconds to minutes, hepatic glucose production may reach 15 mg/kg body mass/min, an amount that exceeds muscular glucose disposal. Control of glucose homeostasis during exercise is dictated by a complex interaction between multiple hormonal regulators (e.g., insulin, glucagon, catecholamines, and glucocorticoids), the nervous system, and various molecular regulators within skeletal muscle and liver, allowing for precise control of glucose concentration during most activities. In persons with type 1 diabetes, however, control of glucose homeostasis during exercise is extremely challenging, as insulin levels cannot change rapidly in response to exercise, and there may be deficiencies or exaggerations in other hormonal responses. As a result of a variety of unpredictable factors, exercise may cause either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia in persons with type 1 diabetes.

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I know that Vitamin D has some place in lowering your glucose level, so perhaps the longer days are what is doing it.

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Sunlight is essential for all of us, I love to spend time outdoors during spring/summer months in morning/evening relaxation, not much a person can do in scorching afternoon TX heat

Actually, I've never noticed glucose differences due to sunlight, but do know my glucose levels reduce during winter months, cause I get bored and exercise more.

Sunlight has a calming/relaxation affect on me, so I like landscape, garden, etc....

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