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When You Were First Diagnosed With Diabetes - Page 2

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Originally Posted by xring View Post
I also had blurry vision when my A1C went from 9 to 6.0. My optometrist said my glasses Rx was now too strong.

I suspected diabetes for 8 months when I started to lose weight, but since I struggled with weight my whole life, I wasn't about to spoil it. After I'd lost 30 lbs, my sister tested me with her meter - 491. I did many hours of research & was able to improve my diet & lost another 70 lbs with normal blood sugar & no meds or insulin. That was fine - for 5 years, then my sugar started to climb & my A1C went to 12.4. I've been using insulin since then.
It's sorta funny; everyone (doctors included) say your diabetes will improve when you lose weight. Mine got worse.
That is one of the things that I have added to my list of "Things that sound good in theory, but reality sometimes tells us otherwise"

Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
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I felt so sick when I finally went to the doctor (A1C 13.5). I was actually relieved when I found out it was Diabetes.

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Do I remember? If i can create an oil painting of that day, Sept 20th 1977 10:20 am on the cusp of summer dissolving into autumn with all the pageantry of amber, golds and auburn's decorating the streets, I would manifest each and every detail into a story. Upon hearing the news I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, in my haste I jumped over the first 4 stages you listed and befriended acceptance. After all ignorance is bliss and it was just as well I didnt know the plight associated with diabetes at that time. Back in those days as our member "RSFletcher" can attest to, it was learn by our own intuition as our medical community were our seeing eye dogs. Within minutes of digesting my diagnoses in Dr office, I was in a alcohol laced, sanitized and virgin white hospital room clad with friendly and sparkling nurses ready to bring me to smiles. Afterall my glucose level was over 750 and treatment was paramount. Believe me it was a nice distraction and i was at peace with my surroundings for the next 5 days and nights. When i was discharged I said all i have to do is remember 3 things. One is to take a NPH insulin injection once in early morning of 15 units, watch the sugar intake, and check for ketones on a strip which turn different colors. No problem. Life was so simple then. It was like diabetes was a 2 month old jaguar pup with a playful and feisty spirit that didn't know of its own destructive demeanor.

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I was diagnosed last year. I didn't have any of the classic symptoms related to diabetes. The only thing I was experiencing was dry lips! I had switched insurance companies and primary care doctor. I went for a meet and greet. When doc saw my family history, he ordered lab work for me. Even though my parents were diabetics, I was very surprised when I found out I was diabetic. I Googled diabetic forums and found this place.

I look at my diabetes as a 2nd chance to make my life better and healthier.

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4 Apr 19:
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Wishing y'all Peace & Love!
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Losing a wife to cancer 13 years ago knew the Grief Stages pretty well .. Think my worst part finding out was diabetic was Anger as I was borderline for a while and truly tried hard losing 30 lbs and Carb and Sugar Free Diet but finally had to take Metformin to get the numbers down and now 5 years later Take Jardiance as well but thanks to Jardiance is not near the battle it used to be .. definitely in the acceptance stage now and deal with it daily ..

Retired FL Native, Learning to Deal One Step At a Time..
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I have no memory - when I was diagnosed in December 1966 - I was very late in the diagnoses and had lost consciousness - I believe I was very close to departing this world as I spent a lot time in the pediatric ICU.

Interesting thing - I do have memories of the hospital once they managed to stabilize my vitals. But not much before then.

All in the past now ...

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Originally Posted by Cricket View Post
Attachment 11434

Remember when you were first diagnosed with diabetes?

We likely went through several stages. We maybe even repeated a few of the stages.
  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Bargaining
  • Acceptance

What stages did you go through?
I think that I went through all of the stages; but I would say Denial, Anger and Acceptance were the prominent responses. My mother had it, and I saw her go through very bad episodes.

So, I firmly told myself that I would not come down with it. And that was that. I did come down with it, and it has paralleled what I witnessed in her. Proving friends, that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

And that is my big lesson, I am a product of my mother and father, who also had severe diabetes. So, I was kidding myself, when I thought that it would not happen to me.

Surprise, surprise!
[Life has made me ironic and sarcastic, and it is a defense mechanism. It is not true cynicism, or bitterness, it is a coping skill.]

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It was terrorism.

My vision went blurry, the thirst and peeing. I started peeing in a waste basket and emptying it in the morning because going all the way to the bathroom woke me up too much and I was not getting any sleep. I was so thirsty I bought some grapes so when I woke up at night thirsty I could eat a few grapes instead of drinking too much liquid and spend the night peeing instead of sleeping. This went on for weeks.

Every day I hoped the next day I would feel better. The whole world became an eye chart as I memorized the distances I could read signs from. I never realized how much I could tell by a persons facial expressions until my vision got so bad I couldn't see faces.

I knew but in denial that it was signs of diabetes from Googling 'sudden blurry vision' and I am not that good at peeing in wastebaskets and the drops that got on the dark wood floor dried white. That was sugar crystals. So much sugar in my pee it dried white.

Finally I couldn't keep down enough liquid to keep up with the thirst and was vomiting and went to the ER. I told them what was wrong they got me in I guess it was the next day I got the news. Prick fingers and poke yourself with needles daily. WTF ? !!!

3 days in the hospital then sent out to learn by Google but my vision was so bad even at maximum magnification couldn't hardly read. Google auto suggest 'type 1 life expectancy' that freaked me out.

It was terrorism, I thought that was it I am just going to be sick and skinny weak and can't see... Thought life was over. Every night thinking about it terrorism.

That sliding scale was a crock I got zero information on how to do this properly.

My vision got better, THAT I am grateful for. It took months but I can see this screen, I use the TV as a monitor, and I can see my keyboard again.

Gained weight and back to the gym... Its not that bad.

I knew about the five stages and I am at the acceptance now mostly.

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I know I hung out in denial far longer than I should have. But somewhere in the middle there I added a stage I’ll call “cocky”. You see, i had it all figured out. I didnt need to test. I could eat bread as long as it was “rustic”, counting carbs- pkeeez, not me.

Then i came to my senses.... and not long after my A1cs did too...

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Its only 11 days since my post above and I got better with the acceptance.

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