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alfmaxmollyjack 09-03-2018 19:57

Stopping metformin
Currently taking 2x750 ER morning and my a1c is 5.1. I been with stomach issues all week due to taking sertraline/Zoloft so have not taken any met for two days. I eat low carb with an occasional slip up of a goodie now and then. I’ve been in keto since mid June but would rather do low carb so I can enjoy a few carbs here and there. What will happen if I go off met? I am borderline diabetic. Will my blood sugar go all crazy?!

hftmrock 09-04-2018 00:42

what is borderline diabetic? did the doctor tell you you were prediabetic and give you metformin?

you have 2 options..

go to your doctor and tell them you want to gradually get off the medicine
slowly go off yourself making sure you eat to your meter a lot until you know what raises your BS and what doesnt

if you go off on your own, I would reduce the dosage in half and then take a reading before each meal and then 1 hour and 2 hours after. this will tell you if your body is doing ok with the reduced medicine.

if after 2 weeks you have no bad spikes at all, then maybe stop taking it and continue to take your readings before you eat and 1 hour and 2 hours after.

if after a few weeks you know what you can eat and what you cant and your readings are always steady... maybe you can make the decision to remove the medication

a doctor should always be involved in this decision but I know sometimes doctors dont always do whats right for us so there are times to do it ourselves.

this decision needs to be carefully decided and monitored

NSDad126 09-13-2018 01:59

if you are only taking metformin, then am I correct to say that you have never experienced low blood sugars? I guessing that your liver and pancreas are pretty much doing what they are supposed to. if so, you might do very well on a low carb diet. there is no need to stop metformin, I would get a pill cutter and reduce your dose as as necessary.

in my opinion, you dont want to be known as the person who stop his meds to go on a diet

, it is better to say that you are managing your diabetes through diet and don't currently require meds.

subtle difference but an important one. if you ever fall away from a healthy diet, you musnt not take your meds for several years.

PPCorella 09-22-2018 09:31

Don't cut your Medformin if they are time release.

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