Are my numbers diabetic or prediabetic?

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Are my numbers diabetic or prediabetic?

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Default Are my numbers diabetic or prediabetic?

Yesterday I was thinking about my health and was curious to see how my blood sugar levels are. So when I was at the store I brought a device with the test strips. I probably did over 20 different samples. I ate a lot of crackers and pretzels around 130-2pm. I started testing around 5 and finished around 530 just to get a string of numbers and to get the hang of it. I’ve never been diagnosed with diabetes or have symptoms but here are my values.


Those are some of the values I started recording. I know the numbers vary a lot. I’ve been trying to get the right amount on the test strip. Sometimes I would flood it, some times I would almost fill the entire little box up, fill it, and not fill the strip all the way. Later on 3 hours after I ate my dinner I tested my sugar again. I got a reading of 97,112,120, and before I went to bed it got a reading of 116.

The next morning I woke up and got a reading after not eating for 12 hours a score of 107. Which is above the recommended fasting range of 80-100. So I tested a few more times ten minutes later and scored 112,108,86,99,94, and 92. A few hours later I ate a frozen dinner for breakfast and had my coffee and two hours after eating I tested again and got another series of numbers. I got many numbers in the low 100s, some in the 110-120 range and two in the 130s. I guess that’s in normal range.

I also was looking at my blood test results from my doctor from the past years. Here’s what they had.

February 2016 fasting glucose 94 (they put it in as fasting but I know I wasn’t at the time)

October 2016 random glucose 79
January 2018 random glucose 86.

They were all in normal range but the thing I’m worried about were the higher values I got at home when I first did it and the 107 when I first got up. Should I worry about being diabetic or am I putting too much thought into it. I’m so worried about my health and I can’t help it because I have OCD so I keep on obsessing. Sorry this is so long but I’m just worried about my health. Am I fine or do I have something to worry about?

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Hello again, Bmb!

Of course, you know we're not doctors here so we can't dispense medical advice. But I think it would be safe to say that the reliable numbers you've listed here and in your other threads (that is not the first series in the column above) would be considered within the range of normal for non-diabetics. As folks mentioned in the other threads, home blood glucose testing has a margin of error that encompasses pretty much all of your readings, including the difference in numbers you'll see by testing repeatedly within a short span of time.

Of course, if you're quite concerned, ask your primary-care provider if (s)he will run an HbA1c test for you. That checks your body's utilization of glucose over a three-month period and will be more stringent than a bunch of home tests. But the numbers you've presented are certainly nothing alarming -- in fact, there are folks with diabetes here who would be happy with that range of readings. Again, not speaking as a doctor, but based on experience here, I would say it's worth keeping tabs on your health as you speak with your doctor, but there is nothing here at this point that is worth obsessing over.

Putting on my moderator hat, I'll also suggest that it's better to continue a conversation in one thread, to maximize the participation of the other posters and to help ensure all the information all of us can provide is in one place. When a conversation occurs across many threads, sometimes people think they've responded already when, in fact, there's new information you'd like them to see. Keeping up one thread is easier for everyone.

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Should I worry about being diabetic or am I putting too much thought into it. I’m so worried about my health and I can’t help it because I have OCD so I keep on obsessing. Sorry this is so long but I’m just worried about my health. Am I fine or do I have something to worry about?
You do not need to be worried.

If you are concerned you may have developed diabetes, then follow the testing method suggested in your other thread, and test a few meals every few months. Performing multiple tests within a short period of time is a waste of expensive strips.

When you test as per above, keep a record of the dates, the test results, and the number of grams of carbohydrates in each meal. You can then see if, over time, your carbohydrate metabolism is staying the same or deteriorating.

I'd also suggest, as did Steve, that you get a yearly A1C test done. This, along with your periodic meter testing, should ease your mind. is a great resource about diabetes - reading there is time well spent.

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perhaps (LIKE ME) you need OCD medicine. I just started on Luvox for OCD but not soon enough yet to tell if it is going to help.

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Originally Posted by alfmaxmollyjack View Post
perhaps (LIKE ME) you need OCD medicine. I just started on Luvox for OCD but not soon enough yet to tell if it is going to help.
OCD in my family--the struggle is real


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My guess is that you may be in trouble. Start taking 3 readings a day, for about 10 days, or even a month. Your doctor may be more apt to pay attention to the results than he is to listen to you.
Get an A1c post haste, that is you best hope. It gives an average of readings over a long period of time, 3-6 months or so.

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