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mbuster 12-18-2018 18:28

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What were some of your biggest successes in 2018?

xring 12-19-2018 00:26

Surviving both Sepsis & DKA - result of an incompetent root canal, (verified by 2nd dentist)
Maintaining 85-lb. weight loss for past 5 years.
Learning how to get along with nutty sister.

itissteve 12-19-2018 02:10

I kept my A1c at 5.6 all year; I wasn't sure I could pull that off.

This year, I also got back on a bicycle for the first time in many years. I had considerable issues setting up the cockpit so I could ride without wrist/hand pain, but, with the help of a good (and persistent) bike mechanic, I think we're getting it pretty well dialed in.

Once we get the Christmas stuff out of the basement I can put the bike on a trainer and get going again. Weather here has not been conducive to riding (for a fair-weather rider like me).

Also finally got to retire a big somewhat-unexpected debt I've been paying for a year and a half; it feels good to finally have some money in that bank account.

mbuster 12-19-2018 03:54

Seems like most of what I call my successes have come mostly in the last third of the year.

*I'm finally getting more riding in on my bike. Lots of activity at work but I got to slacking off on my off days.
*I actually started intermittent fasting, and I have seen improvement in my BG and have lost 10 lbs.
*Started getting serious about retirement.

rsfletcher 12-19-2018 16:42

Oddly enough I managed to get a new doctor in 2018 - my old one retired although having said that I won't see him til January. But that's okay ... My wife has an appointment with him today - I'll have to get her to tell me what he's like.

NSDad126 12-21-2018 03:46

I'm off insulin yet my A1C qualifies as pre-diabetic.
I've gone from 6k steps per day to 10k+ steps per day.
I'm down about 35 lbs and have kept it off all year.
I'm still stoked and ready to go at again in 2019 so I guess I'm thinking about my future again.

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