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rsfletcher 05-02-2019 22:40

The insanity of it all
Hello folks, I've been away the past few days - my 85 year old dad fell, broke his hip and got emergency hip replacement surgery. He shares his room with one other person who is a type 2. As I was visiting my dad I witnessed a totally bizarre thing!

My dad's hospital mate who also got hip replacement surgery is quite heavy - to the extent that he could no longer walk. His wife is a nurse and I heard him voice some concern about his BG levels when the rehab therapist told him his last reading was running 162, Anyway his wife came in and gave him a bottle of orange juice and a box of Timbits (small doughnut holes filled with jam or coated in honey).

Hence the subject title - The insanity of it all

I figure either his wife is trying to kill him or they just don't know any better. I was going to say something to them but stopped myself as I was there for my dad not his hospital room mate and as there was no attempt to conceal the juice or Timbits when the medical staff returned it made me feel less guilty in not saying anything.

What I should have done was given him the URL for these forums but at the time it didn't cross my mind. I'll be flying back to the hospital in another 3 weeks or so - If he's still there I'll give him the URL

itissteve 05-03-2019 02:03


I do think that it's mostly a matter of (lack of) education. The other day my wife and I and some friends of ours were at a restaurant where the specialty is a hot beef sandwich -- roast beef served on a slab of white bread, topped with a couple of mashed potatoes, and enough brown gravy to hide all of it. I ordered just the beef and a side salad. The waitress verified that I wanted no bread, potatoes, or gravy -- and still brought back a salad studded with croutons.

At a friend's house recently I was offered a dish that they maintained was "low-carb" because they used skim milk and sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. :surprise:

I honestly think people just don't know. Then again, where would they learn the basics of nutrition? I don't think it's anything they teach in school anymore, at least not in the U.S.

Cassie2922 05-03-2019 12:50

If you're not a diabetic, there's no reason to know that sweet potatoes are just as bad as white potatoes, and whole wheat bread is no better than white bread.

It's our disease that has caused us to become informed.

But in this case, the roommate was a type 2 and obviously didn't do his homework.

itissteve 05-03-2019 13:21


Originally Posted by Cassie2922 (Post 1319067)
If you're not a diabetic, there's no reason to know that sweet potatoes are just as bad as white potatoes, and whole wheat bread is no better than white bread.

It's our disease that has caused us to become informed.

That's where I think the education is inadequate. You are correct; as diabetics following low-carb ways of eating we've learned that. But the exploding incidence of Type 2 diabetes over the last couple of decades indicates to me that healthy people should understand that as well.

kyteflyer 05-03-2019 20:32

I think the rise of T2 is probably concomitant with the rise of fast food which is *always* carb laden.

On the matter of people getting educated... I have a friend who is a nurse, and who means well, but who is an enabler. That is, she makes carb-laden food. And lots of it. We go to her house on Fridays, for scones, jam and cream. I usually have one, but there are always leftovers. Instead of offering the remaining scones to the others there, she always wants to press them onto me. I’ve never accepted, within the 12 months we have been doing this, but still she persists. This is not ignorance. She knows perfectly well what low carb is, and she knows that I battle my desire for carbs every day... but what can you do. I don’t have that many friends, that I can afford to sacrifice that one.

xring 05-03-2019 21:05

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with lack of education or lack of knowledge. His wife IS trying to kill him. There are several reasons why wives (and husbands) would want to get rid of their spouses. I am posting from personal experience as well as witnessing the same in other couples.

She's probably anxious to collect on a life insurance policy. And she's disgusted with his appearance and his illness & probably tired of caring for him. As long as he's severely overweight, she doesn't have to respect him.

I've known men who do the same thing; they'll marry a woman like that so they can be abusive & be assured she'll never leave him because no one else would want her.

My ex wife (since deceased) did the same to me. When my weight reached over 400 lbs & I was determined to do something about it, she constantly encourage me to eat Rocky Road & pizza. Discussing it with her did no good. The last straw was on Valentine's day when she handed me a heart-shaped box of chocolates. After losing her, I lost 225 lbs.

Cassie2922 05-03-2019 21:26


itissteve 05-04-2019 00:06

I always like to think that people who care for each other, at any level, would help us achieve our goals. But that clearly is not the case for everyone. The support (or lack of it) from those in our sphere can have a considerable impact on our efforts.

The more I thought about that, though, the more I thought it deserved its own thread because it is an offshoot of this thread. So I'm interested in your feedback in this thread: Support from those we know

kyteflyer 05-04-2019 22:14

Thinking more on the topic of education: I'm thinking that diabetes education should be a part of every school curriculum's health education. I see kids these days who are 4x the size I was at that age, and its really depressing, because you know that many of them are going to be diabetic, heart diseased, stroked out sometime in early adulthood. It wont just be an age thing.

alamogirl 05-07-2019 15:36

Adding my 2 cents...I think a lot of people think that diabetes isn't a threat because they haven't 1) experienced it themselves and 2) they have not witnessed the horrors of diabetes.

We've had people on this forum that refuse to believe that they can lose limbs and eyesight if their diabetes goes untreated. It's even hard for them.

I learned about diabetes because of my parents. This was way before sticking your finger. Both parents were doing great until Mom got sick and eventually passed away. Mom died of unrelated diabetic issues. However, Dad died a horrible and painful death due to complications of T2. I don't want to end up like my father, so my parents continue to inspire me to take care of my health. I believe that my parents guided me to this forum.

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