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Bob1970 05-16-2019 01:50

Feeling fatigued
My sugar has been high for a while now. It got even higher after I was unable to take one of my medicines due to cost. Admittedly, I haven't done things as I should but within the last week, my doctor gave me a sample of Jardiance. It has worked really well. I also have have been limiting my carbs. However, I am finding that I am getting my fatigued than normal. Is this normal? Maybe because my body was used to the high sugar and now it isn't getting all of the sugar?

itissteve 05-16-2019 02:27

Hi, Bob! Welcome to the forum.

You don't say how much you've limited your carbs, but, yes, any big alteration like that (including taking a new drug) can result in feeling less than your best. One suggestion frequently made for people significantly lowering their carb intake is to increase your water intake and salt your food a little more. Electrolyte imbalances can make you feel pretty bad, too; losing the carbs that retained water and sodium means your body has to adapt; adding water and sodium, at least temporarily, will reduce those symptoms.

Bob1970 05-16-2019 04:10

Thank you for your time answering. To be honest, right now I am just reducing the carbs significantly. This is a big change for me and it is a little bit of a struggle so I haven't set any numbers yet.

itissteve 05-16-2019 12:56


Originally Posted by Bob1970 (Post 1319361)
This is a big change for me and it is a little bit of a struggle so I haven't set any numbers yet.

No worries -- you are making progress and that is a good thing!

mbuster 05-16-2019 13:02

Hi Bob, welcome to the forum.

A couple of things that can cause the fatigue, that I am assuming that has appeared recently, could be the reduction of carbs you have made, could be a side effect of the Jardiance, or it could be something not related to diabetes at all. As itissteve mentions, there are normally effects from first starting low carb, and it can involve an electrolyte imbalance, typically termed the Atkins flu, but that should go away within a week or two..

You don't mention cravings. One thing that seems to happen to many people going from a Standard American Diet (SAD, high carb) to a low carb way of eating is that they start having cravings for some of the things they give up eating.

Bob1970 05-16-2019 13:15

I don't have any cravings per se. I am definitely missing some of the stuff but I don't think I would call them cravings.

I never thought I would become the person who worried about every little thing that is going on but I have(that would be an issue for a differet forum LOL).

div2live 05-16-2019 19:24

Hi Bob....welcome! By joining this website you have surrounded yourself with a very large group of fellow diabetics. We can share our experiences things that worked for us and those that did not. Through that process we all learn more about taking care of ourselves and ways to deal with diabetes.

I am now 69 years old, male, that was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over 14 years ago. I found this website in 2015 and after reading over the Blood Sugar 101 website (below link) and reading through lots of posts on this website, I decided to try lowering my carb intake and offsetting that with adding more fat to my diet!

After reading through the material I realized that eating more fat was not going to put weight on me, cause my cholesterol to spike, or anything. It just gives my body something new to use as energy!

I have been following that model of low carb high fat eating since 2015. My overall health improved, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars all improved to normal levels (my blood sugar has stayed below 140 most of the time, even after eating and my A1c has been between 5.8 -6.2 since 2015)

I was amazed and have found this change to be something I can do the rest of my life....check out the website and come back and ask too can do this...without starving yourself! lists foods for Low Carb High Fat (LCHF)

Bob1970 05-16-2019 20:00

Thank you all for your input so far.

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