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Ratter51 06-27-2019 16:30

According to my doctors worry time A1C is 8, that’s when damage starts to happen. Why do all the Doctors say my A1C is ahhhh not bad type thing? I mean I don’t want to call myself a diabetic when Drs. Seem non chalant about it. One said I’m barely diabetic. I felt like an idiot. I’m not mentioning to the doctors any more. They think I’m making a big deal out of nothing Thats how I feel.
Age related type seems no big deal. Not sure it will get any worse because it’s age related. Of all the 5 classes or clusters mine is the safest. If I find rest of the article I’ll post a link. It’s hard posting pics on this site from my picture app directly. I guess I’m trying to say “age related mild diabetes” is not the real diabetes that people get that need insulin and that weekly injections I see on tv adds. There is 5 clusters listed or classes. Another article said fasting glucose numbers are always high in the morning and give a false high reading. Another said because I’m getting steroid injections the sugar readings are going up so more false readings. This is why people don’t care much about diabetes...too many contradictory articles..... very confusing. The whole thing sucks and different people react differently. From panic mode to who cares to I’ll wait and see if it gets worse then do something to it’s gonna takes years for something to happen so why bother now..... everyone reacts their own way. For sure my doctors think A1C is well controlled at worse..... not a bad number at all.

mbuster 06-27-2019 17:14

They are wrong in their advice and you are wrong for doing nothing. You are a Diabetic as Cluster 5. Cluster 5 is the real deal and will progress until you are Cluster 2 or 3 as you wait for complications to arrive - and they will.

The cluster thing came about as a diagnostic tool for what is going on at that time and trying to determine how to treat/control the newly diagnosed people's BG (which is better than a one size fits all approach). Unless you were Cluster 1 (Type 1) or Cluster 2 (Insulin dependent Type 2 or Type 1.5's not yet showing antibodies) treatment and condition will probably not change if controlling BG). All Clusters will have complications if they do not control their BG. Nothing there says to sit back, do nothing now, and don't worry about it until it's too late. You really need to get out of your deep denial state of mind and start being proactive. We don't want to have to say we told you so, but you have been given the information that counters all you are wanting to hear and believe, and you keep ignoring it. The ball is in your court.

Ratter51 06-27-2019 19:58

I’m very open minded by the way. I mentioned about seeing a specialist once & was told I don’t need to see one at this time. Then once asked about Losing toes or whatever and a doctor said oh hell don’t even worry anything about that your no where near that point. But I am taking the Metformin. Have not stopped. The Dr said take it once or twice a day whatever I want. I was about to quit in an earlier posting. Next bloodwork in August. But when getting epidural steroids he might wait as steroids make sugar go up. We will see.
But I’m not gonna say I’m a full diabetic quite yet. But when I decide to lose weight seriously, all the numbers will go down. Just by dieting a thousand calories a day with vitamins, every number will go down to normal. But who wants to diet now???? Summer is bar b q time-and eating out. Having fun not worrying about a touch of Diabetes. Don’t you want to have fun???

mbuster 06-27-2019 22:43

Believe it or not, you are diabetic. Now I gather your are not only Cluster 5 (age related) but also Cluster 4 (mildly obese). By the way the weight loss is not a guarantee that the numbers will return to normal, they may go lower, but normal, nah.

I have lots of fun all year long because I take care of myself and don't have to worry about my diabetes because I control my BG numbers. AND I'm having baby back ribs for supper tonight. I guess there is not a good time to change one's diet in the fall with Thanksgiving, or the winter with Christmas and New Years, or the spring with Easter. I don't think you will ever get around to it.

itissteve 06-27-2019 22:49


Originally Posted by Ratter51 (Post 1320543)
But Iím not gonna say Iím a full diabetic quite yet. But when I decide to lose weight seriously, all the numbers will go down. Just by dieting a thousand calories a day with vitamins, every number will go down to normal. But who wants to diet now???? Summer is bar b q time-and eating out. Having fun not worrying about a touch of Diabetes. Donít you want to have fun???

Ratter51, you are a "full diabetic", even at this moment. The A1c numbers you've posted over the past months clearly are above even the lenient 6.4 that the American Diabetes Association says is OK.

But I understand denial -- I denied it when I was first told I had diabetes. Took me years to take the diagnosis seriously. I also don't tend to tell anyone without a need to know that I am diabetic. After 2+ years of being "officially" Type 2, my wife and kids know but hardly anyone else outside of a doctor's office does. I'm fine with that. If you want to keep quiet about being diabetic (to people not prescribing drugs to you), go for it. It's nobody else's business, really.

But you have to admit to yourself that you have diabetes. Your numbers have been going up steadily, even with medication, well past the point where solid medical studies have identified that cells get damaged irreparably. Your body already is not pushing out enough insulin to meet your carbohydrate intake; that's why you're taking the metformin. Yeah, you can take more metformin. Later on you can add some wonder drug like Januvia or Trulicity to the equation. It's just money and side effects, eh?

Your engine is losing cylinders. Eventually you'll lose even more and you'll find it harder to stay up to speed or even start moving at all. Flooring the gas pedal with medication and throwing spare parts out of the vehicle won't make a big difference. Neither will "losing weight seriously" -- if that happens, as mbuster points out. I remember you posting about not wanting to miss out on Thanksgiving last year. Or Christmas. Or birthday parties.

Maybe at this point there's enough else going on in your life that something you don't see and feel now doesn't bubble up to the top of things to worry about; we only know about your life what you mention here. Maybe you'll be that rare medical specimen with an A1c well into 7 or 8 that won't suffer organ damage. Maybe you won't. By the time you find out, the game is over.

All the folks posting here see what poorly-managed diabetes has done to family and friends (many of whom are no longer with us, leaving way sooner than the standard life expectancy of 83-87). We've experienced for ourselves what happened when we listened to our lenient doctors and carbed up enough to need medication to bring it back down. We chose to manage our diabetes better.

Do we want to have fun? Of course we do. But big achievements don't come without work and a little sacrifice. I want to have fun at my toddler granddaughters' college graduation -- maybe even see them marry off. That means I've got to see myself through another 20-25 years or so. I want to do it without artificial limbs or wheelchairs or blindness or so little energy I can't leave my house.

I don't want to miss out on those graduations because I just couldn't say no to potato salad at a picnic or to another pastry with my coffee. I've eaten enough potato salad and pastry in my life. They can't be better than graduation.

But we all make our choices and you seem to be making yours. Which raises the question of why you want to keep posting here. You clearly have chosen a path different from the people who post here. Besides the repeated suggestions that you'll very likely regret not managing your diabetes better now -- while you still can make a real difference in its effects -- what are you hoping to get as a response to your posts?

hftmrock 06-27-2019 23:08


have you ever wondered why your numbers are rising even though you are on medication . shouldnt the medication bring it back to normal ranges? what would youre A1C be if you didnt take the medicine? 8? 9? who knows but the medicine is not doing what its supposed to.

7+ A1c with 1 or 2 metformin a day is not the same thing as 7+ with no medication. you are probably 8+ without medication.

Diabetes is progressive if you dont do anything.

this is no longer an 'if' it gets worse... its 'when'

you make the best decision for yourself. No one should tell you what to do. You've been provided with loads of information

Good luck my friend :vs_cool:

My quote at the bottom of my posts apply to you

""You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever the doctors want you to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." "

Ratter51 06-28-2019 00:36

I waffle back and forth on the subject. I appreciate the advice. The substitute Dr already mentioned Trulicity. He said it was perfect for me. When my regular Dr got back I mentioned what the substitute Dr said and he ...well....nothing.
I’ll do something soon.

itissteve 06-28-2019 00:59


Originally Posted by Ratter51 (Post 1320563)
The substitute Dr already mentioned Trulicity. He said it was perfect for me.

Didn't you say you absolutely did not want insulin injections? Do you know Trulicity is injected? Once a week, but still...

Ratter51 06-28-2019 16:39

Yes no injections eve for me......just saying what sub Dr. said.

Here is the link for those interested in the 5 types of Diabetes. No one ever mentioned this before.

Ratter51 06-28-2019 16:47

If I halt a Metformin not sure if it would jump up to 8 or not I figure maybe like from 7.1 to 7.3 at most. That would be 2 points I guess. According to what I read A1C is what doctors are going by now for type 2. Your average is the ‘real’
Story of how someone is doing. Who cares about a spike here and there. The A1C is the the important number every three months. Pricking fingers everyday is on the way out. There is new. Fo coming out on this stuff like the 5 types no one ever mentions.

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