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Ratter51 07-17-2019 00:47

I quit the Metformin a couple days completely but stated taking it tonight again.
I have to wait u til mid August to see what my A1C is and I wish I knew now. Walmart is having a health fair on the 20th maybe they have a free A1C table. Pretty positive they had diabetes testing last year.

hftmrock 07-17-2019 01:00

I'm just going to say this....

getting a good A1C 1 time is NOT the time to stop taking medication

get it under control for 3 straight A1C tests (9 months) and I am sure the doctor will agree to lower or remove the medication

remember - the medication is at least in part giving you the numbers you have so if they are good, then the medication is playing a part and if you go off , it will undoubtedly rise.

you need to show consistency.

I know you are trying and I hope you keep it up

itissteve 07-17-2019 02:22

Yeah, unfortunately Metformin and the other oral drugs are not something you take only when you've had a bunch of carbs. But, Ratter51, good for you for starting up the Met again. I know you're making changes at the pace you can. You'll be better off for it.

Ratter51 07-18-2019 16:16

I did a fasting glucose reading this morning and it was 144. My fasting glucose numbers are consistently in the mid 140’s when I do the meter. What would 145 mean in A1C numbers? Thanks

VeeJay 07-18-2019 16:49

You can look this up for yourself - do an internet search on "A1c calculator" Lots to choose from

Ratter51 07-22-2019 22:07

Hi, I at last found the answer I was looking for. When a persons A1C reached 10, then the doctor will give or recommend insulin injections. Thatís what I wanted to know. I did not ask it correctly. Now I understand why my doctor said I have mild type 2. (I donít even want to say the word Diabetes). Ok thanks

hftmrock 07-23-2019 04:13


We have tried to show you other ways to see whats happening to your body and what you should be concerned about and what is eventually going to happen if you dont take it seriously now.

but you just made a statement that is obvious that you are looking for a solution that fits your narrative.

Your statement is in the same realm as
  • Dont worry about a heart attack until you start feeling chest pains
  • Dont worry about cancer until its terminal
  • Dont worry about blindness until you cant see anymore
  • Dont worry about a fire in your building until its at your door

I think I don't want to waste your time or mine any further. you are desperate to find a solution that fits your thoughts.. you found it. Congrats. it's also extremely wrong and extremely dangerous

For everyone else that reads this - If you choose the path that Ratter51 is taking, you can almost certainly be assured that the complications that you will face very shortly will be life altering and life dangerous.

Ratter51 - you made a choice. I pray you are the 1 in 6 billion that lives without any complications that will greatly hinder you. I have tried to gently show you that what we are telling you is coming from love and experience. I am not going to reply any more to this because as much as I want you to choose any way that makes you comfortable, you are only looking for something that agrees with some miracle and I cant compete with that with logic and evidence


Ratter51 07-23-2019 20:53

I understand.

Ratter51 07-25-2019 00:31

At this time I don’t care about the Diabetes at this time. Please no responding.

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