Intermittent fasting results after 12 weeks

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Intermittent fasting results after 12 weeks

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Default Intermittent fasting results after 12 weeks

So, after one of those multi-hour you tube addiction nights I found several interesting videos about intermittent fasting. One from a fellow who lost an insane amount of weight doing fasting, and another was a series of videos from Dr. Jason Fung. I was intrigued but skeptical.

After consulting with my dietician, I decided to go 7 days a week with an 8 hour window to eat and 16 hrs fasting. I decided not to change my diet, but only eat between 9-5. I allow all non caloric liquids including diet pepsi while fasting and didn't restrict my usual eating style (LCHF) during the 8 hr window. I weighed myself each morning, tested BG as close to 9am as I could, and measured my blood pressure daily. I should add I am on 3 blood pressure medications and prior to this fasting experiment had 2nd stage high blood pressure, systolic in the 160's but diastolic normal. Go figure.

Here's the starting stats 3 months ago: Weight 262, BG morning testing average 130-135, taking 1000 mg. metformin daily. Had some problems with dawn phenomenon with spikes into the 160's which would generally resolve as the day wore on. Little exercise besides walking the dog 1-2 times per week.

I had lost weight when initially diagnosed with diabetes but my humanity caught up with me and lately have been just stubbornly obese and haven't been able to budge the needle. I felt somewhat tired and unhealthy, and I knew I should have much lower BG and should weigh 188 at my height and body type. A long way to go. Rather depressing.

I have been wanting to post this for awhile but I wanted to give it 3 months to collect some meaningful data.

How'd it go?

Day 1 - BG was 100 exactly. After 1 day? I thought maybe this is due to our family usually eating at 730pm and I skipped dinner that night. Had a big breakfast at 9am which is unusual for me, but I was hungry. BP still too high, no change. Still taking all my meds.

Day 2 - BG was 91. Had a huge breakfast again. Not much more to report.

Day 3 - BG was 85. I haven't seen BG like that ever. Feel good. Noticing I'm enjoying big breakfasts, a new thing for me.

Day 4 - The magic starts. I discuss the exciting results with my wife and dietician. I tell them I'm stopping my metformin and will test throughout the day. I would go back on it if I saw any serious rise in BG. It did go up, but going up to 110 is nothing. I decide to stay off the metformin. My BP is still too high with no meaningful changes.

Fast forward 3 months into this. Have I cheated? Yep, sometimes you just want food in the fasting period. So I have a nice LC snack and try not to beat myself up. Back on the wagon in the morning.

My weight started coming off right away and I have lost 28 pounds, about 2 lbs a week.

My BP is better. I'm now stage one around 135/75 but still on all 3 BP meds. I'm sleeping a bit better, too. My BG averages right at 100 with no day ever above 115 and it appears the dawn phenomenon has resolved itself.

I cannot tell you why this is working. Dr. Fung suggests that giving your pancreas an extended rest each fasting period may help it to clear blood glucose and even heal. He sites as an example many religions subscribe to fasting and no one experiences any harmful effects. Maybe. Maybe not eating late night is simply causing a natural reduction in calories and the results are the product of weight loss.

But, dang, off metformin in 4 days? This is something that should be explored further. Has anyone done fasting before?

I will post my progress monthly.

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I am so happy for you,I truly am. but, to tell the truth, I am personally devastatted by this. I have been doing crazy anal keto, OMAD, and my fasting is still really bad. I have been feeling discouraged the last week or so, but I am feeling pretty hopeless now. I thought it would take many months on this protocol to start seeing a difference. I have lst a little weight, but I am only a few pints from BMI of 25 [had plans to go to 22 or 23 as I am not larged bone] Ifrom diabetes, and I am just having a total meltdown. I am so sick of cancer, and high blood pressure and hypothyroidism, and so many other things, but my diabetes was always controlled with diet and exercise [ 1 to 2 hours a day, 6 days a week] Suddenly out of control, on huge ammounts of metformin, and I don't know what to do now. I'm sorry guys, there is so much ging on imn my life right now, apart from diabetes. I am sorry for this meltdown, and to the OP, I am envious, but I am so glad for you that IF worked for you.

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Default update on fasting

Good news except for my blood pressure. Lost another 4 pounds and now at 229 give or take. I'm definitely experiencing a slowing weight loss but I am cool with that - a pound a week is still progress. I know with confidence that no matter what my readings are the weight loss will chip away at all my bad numbers.

On to the numbers. BG 9am testing over the last seven days: 100, 106, 111, 114, 119, 115. Still too high but my weight loss will kill this over the next six months. I that I have no question. This is, I remind you, without any drugs at all.

My blood pressure is another story. No meaningful movement, last 7 readings 155/84, 146/83, 171/93, 143/85, 160/85 148/78, 138/78. Still bordering stage 2. That systolic reading is a family problem. I will ask my Dr. to look at my BP medicine and adjust if necessary. Again, I still have a long way to go with my weight loss so I hope there will be a day when all of these BP medicines will be reduced or eliminated

At my Dr. Appt. next week I will discuss my stopping metformin a while ago (yeah, not communicated - will be interesting to see the reaction). Ill let you know shortly

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