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Infinite 08-15-2019 09:54

Neuropathy ?
Hello friends, hope someone can be of assistance. I am baffled and about to lose my mind. I have a tingling & burning sensation all over my body, everywhere cept head, face, feet and hands. Most would call pins/needles, bizillion ants etc.... My body feels like it's on fire !!!! Visit urgent care twice, temps normal, diabetes normal, labs normal.

I've searched everywhere for answer, thyroid, neuorology, allergy, list goes on, but appears no one has symptoms I describe.

Occassionally the symtoms calm for a day or two, then returns with a vengeance.

I truly need advice from those living with or experiencing neuropathy.

No pain, no numbness, no muscle weakness, just hot body and tingling. It's my whole body, not just feet or hands as most forums, articles state with neuropathy. Actually, now I think about it, my hands/feet are normal temps, but then get really cold, it cycles.

Fogot to add, my A1c has been check for past few years, always under 7, last test in June 5.7

Livestrong states poorly controlled blood sugar causing tingling, numbness, burning, different parts of the body, I never see an article stating, affecting whole body.

Crazy !! Would appreciate any assistance, cause these symtoms are driving me batty, I tell doctor at ER, I'm about to have a nervous breakdown.

Cassie2922 08-15-2019 15:04

Have you had your thyroid tested?

VeeJay 08-15-2019 15:51

Also, could possibly be food allergies, or more likely, sensitivities. (I get full body itching when I consume too much dairy.)

Just throwing out an idea here.

There are blood test for food sensitivities. Or one can do an elimination diet of which there are several varieties. Basically, stop eating the more common allergy foods for a month and then add them back in one at a time.

Infinite 08-15-2019 18:32

Hello friends, thanks for reply. I don't have a thyroid, hormone labs every 6-8 weeks, recent normal. Actually my entire blood lab was normal, cbc, etc...

Thanks VeeJay, I thought the same, enviro allergy test July 23rd, 2019, no reaction, none, zippo ! Haven't been food allergy tested in awhile, but when I did, same thing, no reaction.

Yeah, really crazy symptom, comes and goes in cycles, began approx 3 weeks ago. Now, I'm wondering if circulation disorder can cause.

It's like my body temperature monitor broke, Lol !! I'll go from normal feeling to extremely hot, burning sensation, my skin will feel super hot, when others touch. Feels like my blood is boiling. Tingling comes and goes, but not as bothersome as burning sensation, I'll be burning up, 1st ER doc said possible infection, but I had no fever, body temp was 98.9,. Was given Prednisone. I didn't take. I can sleep with tingling, but not body burning up, but I'll try your suggestion, C what happens.

Oh forgot to share, I had this same exact burning/tingling condition a few years ago, went away on it's own. My belief is something neurological, something is affecting my nerves, fructose, medication, insect bite, something.

hftmrock 08-16-2019 00:27

random symptoms is never usually random

start a journal. food, activity, rest, when you feel the symptoms, etc

then look for patterns.

I think with a detailed journal, you might figure this out

Infinite 08-16-2019 09:38

Thanks friend, my first thought always neuropathy, appears no one has ever had condition I'm experiencing. I have searched non stop, no answers, including heat injury, cause symptoms began after being out in scorching Tx heat.

I read that hold/cold weather affects blood sugar. Research shows that when it's hot, people with diabetes end up in ER or hospitalized. Heat can have a negative impact on body's ability to produce insulin and use insulin.

There is no pattern, at first tingling, burning sensation, now tingling went away, but my body still continues to feel on fire, past two weeks. I looked up everything, heat injury, dehydration, list goes on.

What I learned is Trauma, nervous system, spinal disease, herpes, vascular condition, other condition.

Guess, I need to make appt with primary. Thanks for all the helpful tips

mbuster 08-16-2019 18:18

Have you searched treatment induced neuropathy (insulin neuritis)? May not apply, but one study I scanned through also mentioned that it has even been seen with rapid weight loss. May not apply either.

Infinite 08-17-2019 08:13

Hello friend, thanks for info, anything is possible, never heard of insulin neuritis, will look into it.

Infinite 08-21-2019 04:34

Update: Think I may have found the problem, I began eating 100% whole wheat, whole grain sugar free bread by Natures owl, a few weeks ago. I haven't eaten for a few day's, my body burning sensation reduced drastically to none.

Yesterday evening, made a quick turkey sandwhich, a few hours later, my body began tingling, shaking, nervous, super tired, my body began burning up !!!! I checked level, was 112. I thought huh? I suffered all night long, burning up, went to sleep woke up all symptoms gone.

My body is reacting to something in natures owl bread, cause I eat Subway foot long Italian bread & croissant bread occassionally, no problem. I was tested for Gluten last year, but results were negative. But gluten intolerance can cause anxiety. Interesting. Anyway, thought I'd share an update.

itissteve 08-21-2019 14:09

Good detective work, Infinite...

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