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scneilson 04-04-2020 22:04

Coronavirus and DM2
does anyone know if a normal blood sugar suggests the absence of a corona virus infection at that moment? My sick day BS go to 160 even when fasting 20 hours, so I think even before any overt virus symptoms my BS would kick up like on a sick day. Sound right? I dont know if a rise in BS precedes other symptoms like dry cough etc or if they are concurrent. I know it could just mean I have a cold coming. My primary didnt know if my BS could be an early sign or trip wire. ( No symptoms of c virus.)

itissteve 04-05-2020 01:08

My personal experience (other posters can weigh in here with theirs) is that, if I'm sick, my blood glucose level is elevated. Colds, flu, inflammation, it rises... I guess that means I take regular readings as an indication that I'm not sick. Plain old "I overworked" doesn't affect my BG the way illness does even if I don't feel great when that happens.

There still were colds and flus and other viruses out there before COVID-19 arrived, so a higher BG could be any number of less critical illnesses at this point.

moon 04-05-2020 01:30

My blood sugar can have a mind of its own so I don't make any assumptions. If it is higher than I think it should be then I look for explanations. Sometimes there just aren't any (like recently), at least that are decipherable. Same diet, same keto, same (non) exercise, same medications, relatively same sleep. Stress is surely a factor, though I can't always pinpoint that either.

There are times when my stress is high and I'm really not feeling well but my bg doesn't notice.

So for me personally, I wouldn't be able to make any guesses about CV based on bg, and would consider it fairly useless to try.

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