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Type 1 Significant Other - Introduction - Page 2

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There is a book called "Using Insulin" by John Walsh that is really helpful in determining the appropriate amount of both basal and bolus insulin. If the insulin to carb ratios are accurate, it should reduce the amount of highs and lows that your friend suffers.

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Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
There is a book called "Using Insulin" by John Walsh that is really helpful in determining the appropriate amount of both basal and bolus insulin. If the insulin to carb ratios are accurate, it should reduce the amount of highs and lows that your friend suffers.
Thanks, I'll definitely check that book out! Thank you everyone for all the words of encouragement and helpful tips, it really means a lot to me and makes me feel a lot better about everything.

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Agreed. I'm currently adding (slowly) some carbs I'd nearly eliminated back into my routine. The drastic cuts didn't work for me, not least not for now.

Everyone is different and should try different avenues to find what works.

Hopefully having a pump should help. I'm in a JDRF local support group for adult T1s and their loved one. (The pumpers in the group all rave about having a pump and how it changed their lives for the better.) You may want to find a similar group in your area. Sometimes it's just nice to be in the same room with other people who understand, even if I sit quietly and listen. You could discuss issues with other T1's significant others, too.

Good luck.

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I have been a T1 diabetic for 45 years and I have been following LC/HF diet now for 2 years. I can tell you that prior to LCHF, my sugar swings were not so perfect. Although I had decent control for a T1D, after finding this forum and learning how to eat, my swings are much less severe. I stay fairly consistently between 65-120 (usually I am under 100 but at times will go above that a bit). I know that is not perfect, but it is much better than it used to be. It is definitely the law of small numbers. If you are eating less carbs, you will make much smaller mistakes when figuring out your insulin doses. Please keep in mind, most Drs over dose patients with their basal insulin. So as she cuts her carbs, she will probably need less basal. The best book I have read is Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. I highly recommend it. It will seem like a very strict plan to follow, but you do not need to follow it 100%. You will just learn invaluable lessons on how to manage blood sugars. For instance, he suggests no snacks whatsoever, I do not follow that all of the time. Sometimes I will grab a small snack of macadamia nuts or cheese, but I do take a small injection before I consume them. Sugar swings definitely contribute heavily towards mood swings. I wish you the best of luck.

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I'm Type 2, on insulin, and I eat low-carb, high-fat (LCHF). LCHF drastically reduces my risk of lows.

Largely, this is because LCHF reduces (and most often eliminates) my need to use bolus insulin. Why? This is because pumped or injected insulin cannot match the timing of a non-diabetic pancreas. Therefore, even the most accurate carb count will lead to the occasional "misfire."

A Type 1, of course will likely need to use some bolus insulin for every meal, but even this can be reduced considerably. Effects should be more predictable/reliable, as well.

Beyond the above ... LCHF allows me to keep my levels below 140, which is where organ/nerve damage begins. (I actually prefer below 115.)

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I am LADA, slow and late- onset T1D and also eat very low carb. It works for ME! My weight is very stable, varies by 5 - 10 lb in a year, and I can take it off easily by fat fasting if it creeps up.

Do I miss some foods, heck yeah! But not enough to go back to that woeful way of eating!!! Not even for a second.

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There's a thing called natural regulation as T2's have although they may cannot get enough insulin to get the glucose down to an accepical level as T1's has lost this natural relationship.


Type 1 Diabetic for 43 Years.
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So I am well armed to enjoy food of any kind!!!

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