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Terrie 09-16-2007 14:57

*A Few Thoughts Concerning Pregnancy*
Hi: :)

I am a Type 1(a Type 1.5, Type 2 or Gestational Woman
may charge in any time). :D

In all reality, if you are expecting to become or are Pregnant
then your hbA1c(a 3 month average blood test should be
6.5(116 or lower). Folic acid of course, is also important for
the baby's development.

An Endocrinologist and Gyno/Obs support, knowledge and tests
are Very important since a Diabetic Woman is considered high risk.

Usually a Diabetic Woman will need an Epidural and C-section. Or
a general anthesia before the C-section.

LauraMarsh 11-07-2008 04:43

Alot of your symptoms could very well be pregnancy signs. Have you taken a test yet? If you haven't, you might want to. And if you have and it was negative (actually positive as well) then I'd see a doctor. If your not prego, something more serious could be going on. If you are prego and afraid of an ectopic pregnancy, the doctor could set up an ultrasound to see if the baby is in the uterus or not. Fact is that you really need to set up an appt with a doctor to express your concerns. Good luck and I hope things turn out ok! Keep us updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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brettruben 11-07-2008 05:20

A Few Thoughts Concerning Pregnancy
What a exact information of diabetes pregnancy.

Dr.Debilitas 12-25-2008 07:31

Thank you for opening this topic for discussion ,

oyu have said :

Usually a Diabetic Woman will need an Epidural and C-section. Or
a general anthesia before the C-section.
let me explain that more , diabetic mothers generally bear large babies (4000 gr or larger) , especially in gestational diabetes and short-standing DM (type 1 or 2) and we prefer C-section to aviod delivery complications (like trapped shoulder , fetal head-maternal pelvis disproportion), add to that diabetic mothers who get pregnant while their HbA1c is greater than 7 have greater chance to deliver a baby with malformations than normal populations , another important point , the babies of diabetic mothers develop more problems after delivery than others elective induction of delivery is helpful to control these possible problems( low blood sugar in the baby , high red blood cells , ...)

sometimes we use the Classification of White for Diabetes During Pregnancy :

gestational diabetes, insulin not required : A1

gestational diabetes, insulin required: A2

age of onset >= 20 years (maturity onset diabetes) :B1

duration < 10 years, no vascular lesions: B2

age of onset 10-19 years of age :C1

duration 10-19 years, no vascular lesions :C2

age of onset < 10 years of age : D1

duration >= 20 years : D2

benign retinopathy :D3

calcified arteries of legs :D4

calcified arteries of pelvis (no longer sought) : E

nephropathy :F

many failures: G

cardiopathy : H

proliferating retinopathy :R

renal transplant :T

there is a modified classification for this one here :
######### (link deleted)

for diet control A1 diabetics , there is not any difference from the normal pregnants regarding delivery conditions (we will wait for spontaneous delivery) , others with good blood sugar control are advised to induct delivery (secheduled delivery) at 39th week , pregnants with poor glycemic control should deliver their babies 1-2 weeks earlier (37-39 weeks)

ADA recommends diet of 2.200 calories , 200-220 gr carbohydrate daily (30-45 gr at breakfast , 45-60 gr for lunch and dinner , and 15 gr snacks) ,
they are recommended to check their blood sugars 4 times daily (one fasting and 3 , after each main meal )

how is blood sugar controlled (ADA 2008 recommendations) :
fasting blood sugar less than 95 mg/dl
1-hr postmeal less than 140 mg/dl
2-hr postmeal less than 120 mg/dl

(ADA : American Diabetic Association)

Thank you all ,


milla 12-10-2010 19:15

I'm new here, type 1 diabetic since 1989 and i am now pregnant. My first child is 1 year old and this one is second. I live in Finland and there seems to be different standards concerning having kids. Generally is recommended that A1C should be under 7,5%. Mine is now 6,7% but when i started to expect my daughter, it was 8,0%. Doctor said it was ok and i had a perfectly healthy child :) The carbs, 220 is quite shocking amount.. i eat normally 80 but because on my pregnancy doctor suggested 100g. I'm white D and i can deliver baby normally. Last time i had a toxemia and thats why c-section but i'll hope not this time! Very interesting to notice that standards are so different in different countries.. And sorry about my english.. sounds as good as the dudesons :D

Samuel 07-07-2012 01:39

You're asked to go in for a glucose tolerance test only in the last trimester of pregnancy. I'd say to any newly pregnant woman "For whatever it's worth, keep away from refined sugar right from the start".

moon 07-07-2012 02:30

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