Diabetic recipes

by Barbara Hewitt on December 21, 2012

Diabetic Recipes

As the number of diabetics continues to grow around the world so does the number of diabetic recipes which are now highlighted on an array of websites and in a growing number of book publications. Here at the diabetesforum.com we have a number of members who have put forward some excellent recipes for the diabetic community which allow you to enjoy everyday foods without the concern about what they may do to your blood sugar levels and your health.

We hereby list a number of the more popular recipes from the forum and advise you to read the recipes very carefully and to consider whether these would be suitable for your particular condition. If you have any recipes which you would like to share with the community please feel free to post in the diabetic recipe forum.

Almond flour bread

This diabetic bread recipe has attracted a lot of interest on the forum and there is a very detailed recipe for you to follow. Many people have found this particular information to be very useful if you miss having a bread roll with your soup, salad or any other meal. If you have any questions or queries there are more than enough participants on the thread to offer you very detailed advice.

Almond flour pancakes

There is no need to miss out on pancake day with this mouth watering almond flour pancake recipe which is proving to be a great hit amongst diabetics. Such is the interest in these diabetic pancakes that many people have also posted their own particular variations taking into account their own preferences. If you use these recipes as a basis for your own cooking in the future you may well find some very interesting alternatives and variations.

Low carb pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is certainly a popular dish across America, and indeed in other areas of the world, therefore there is no doubt that this diabetic pumpkin pie recipe will have many people chomping at the bit. The detailed recipe and cooking instructions make it very straightforward and all of the time you will be thinking of your first slice of pumpkin pie – it only takes 40 minutes to cook!

Mr Peanut sandwich bread

This interesting recipe has been given the nickname “Mr Peanut Sandwich Bread” although there is also a “Mrs Almond Bread” alternative which will have you licking your lips. There are some interesting alternatives and variations in this particular thread which will no doubt give you food for thought. It does show there is no need to miss out on good wholesome enjoyable food just because you are diabetic.

Hamburger buns

This recipe for Hamburger buns has been one of the most popular recipes on the forum for some time now and even today it continues to get more and more comments and suggestions. It is a very simple recipe, relatively quick to cook but something that many diabetic seem to enjoy if their comments are anything to go by. As many diabetics are often forced to avoid traditional hamburger buns this is a very interesting and a mouthwatering alternative.


These recipes are just a small selection of many in our diabetic recipe forum which is proving to be one of the more popular areas of the website. It is not only the original and very detailed recipes, together with cooking instructions, which have caught the eye but also the fact that many people add their own variations and their own preferences. What started as a simple diabetic recipe can quickly develop and change into something very different and give you a number of options to choose from.

It is becoming more and more evident there is no need to miss out on the quality of food, the type of food you like as long as you are careful and consider your condition. There are simple alternatives to some of the more dangerous ingredients from a diabetic point of view, which bring many previously “off limits” food back into your reach.

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the DiabetesForum.com Community and should not be interpreted as medical advice. Please see your doctor before making any changes to your diabetes management plan.

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