Jay Cutler

Touchdown for Diabetes

by Mark Benson on October 23, 2011

Jay Cutler quarterbacks his diabetes

Born in April 29, 1983, Jay Cutler is the current quarterback for the NFL team Chicago bears. After coming out of Vanderbilt University, he was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos in the 2006 NFL Draft. After three seasons in the Mile High City, he was moved to the Windy City team in 2009 where his career flourished.

When he goes to practice, there are two basic things in the bag of Cutler. First is his playbook and the other is his diabetes pack. While he is the focal point of the offense of the Bears, he also has to check his own blood sugar every so often with a lancet and diabetes strips. [click to continue…]


Jay Cutler is no ordinary Denver Broncos quarterback!

December 29, 2008 Famous Diabetics

While at first site 6’3″ and 240 pound Jay Cutler may be just another face in the Denver Broncos American football team there is much more to this young man than meets the eye. He starred in last week’s game although many people are unaware he actually suffers from type I diabetes, a condition which […]

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