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Low Carbs Better Than Dieting For Diabetics

by Mark Benson on December 12, 2011

New diet proposal for diabetics

According to recent findings, an intermittent low carbohydrate diet was better for diabetics than having a standard, daily low calorie diet. It was found that the latter was better in attaining weight loss goals to keep blood sugar levels manageable.

The research was conducted at the Genesis Prevention Center at University Hospital located at Manchester, England. The study yielded that restricting carbohydrates to just two days per week would prove to be more healthy and even help in preventing breast cancer and development of other diseases. [click to continue…]


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Fish Helps Manage Diabetes

November 14, 2011 Diets

Individuals who include fish as their primary source of animal protein have shown to have been able to lower their blood-glucose levels. With this diet, the individual would be able to prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes and its many complications. This study was conducted at the University of Valencia and was published in […]

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