Who inspires you in your fight against diabetes?

by Mark Benson on November 25, 2012

Who inspires you in your fight against diabetes?

As the number of diabetics across the world continues to grow many people seem to find an inner strength in their fight against diabetes due to inspirational figures in their lives or even individuals they have never even met. We therefore thought it would be interesting to take a look at who inspires you in your fight against diabetes and what impact this has upon your life.


Children are often a great inspiration in the fight against diabetes because as a parent the likelihood is that your children will be the centre of your world. They will put a smile on your face, they make you happy, they give you inspiration and while it can be challenging at times we would never change them. Sometimes it is easier to fight our own challenges if we have inspirational figures by our side who often take our minds off the potential problems and difficult situations in the future.

Young children will likely have little knowledge of your medical condition and therefore they will treat you as they did before your diagnosis. The fact that nobody is wrapping you up in cotton wool or treating you with kid gloves can be a great help.


Even though some celebrities who suffer from diabetes are surprisingly shy in discussing their condition, and indeed many celebrities would rather keep this part of their life private, a number of celebrities have come out to talk about their condition. You may well find inspiration from the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Stone, Sir Steve Redgrave, Aretha Franklin, Randy Jackson and other well-known celebrities from the fields of acting, sport, music, etc.

We all have heroes in our lives, we all have people we look up to, we all have people who we like to follow and if these particular individuals can give us any degree of inspiration it can have a massive impact upon your everyday life. Nowadays we see sportspeople performing at the highest level with diabetes, actresses and business people operating in highly stressful industries who seem to cope. Some of the autobiographies published by an array of celebrities with diabetes make exceptional reading for those who fully understand and may have the condition.


Many of those who suffer from diabetes will have parents who have likely lived through very difficult periods which may include economic hardship, wars, etc. When diagnosed with a very challenging and a very difficult condition such as diabetes it can be difficult to “get your head around it” but perhaps you get your inspiration from your parents who have been there, done it and worn the T-shirt.

Many of the so-called “older generation” approach challenges such as diabetes with a matter-of-fact attitude where basically they just get on with it and if you ask these people for advice they will be bluntly honest with you. This is probably exactly what you need when facing any challenges in your life, someone who will tell you how it is, somebody who is there for you and someone who can push you when needed and put an arm around you when you are feeling down.


When an individual is diagnosed with diabetes very often the loving partners of these individuals can be pushed into the shadows somewhat and are often overlooked when perhaps they need assistance and help as well. It is very easy to discount the massive impact that a diabetes diagnosis can have on your loved ones and your immediate family so perhaps some times we need to look at our loved ones for inspiration going forward. Talk to them, confide in them and perhaps sometimes they need to know that you are coping better than they assume.


It may sound rather bizarre but many people do actually love their work, they love the daily challenges and for some people work can give inspiration to fight diabetes. Indeed in some circumstances work can often act as a distraction, even for just a few hours a day, as you begin to get your head around the condition. The human brain is a very powerful organ and sometimes we can have too much time to think which can be counter-productive.

Some people also find their work colleagues are an inspiration to them because very often they will support you, be there for you and may even be a shoulder to cry on when you are having trouble. The benefit of having somebody to speak to about the simple things in life and the challenges ahead should never be underestimated.

Medical support

Inspirational figures in our lives can focus our mind, focus our attention and allow us to face challenges head-on. When you couple these inspirational figures with a deep and knowledgeable medical support service this can give diabetics more strength to look to the future and challenge their condition. Very often you will have relatively simple questions you would like to ask but perhaps you are not sure who to ask? New products and new treatments are being announced on a regular basis and perhaps you would like more information on these?

There are now many people to talk to who have a deep knowledge about diabetes and even if they are not able to answer your questions immediately they will likely have contacts that will have more specific knowledge. Do not underestimate this type of support service.


The fact that diabetes is a treatable condition should never be forgotten and such has been the improvement in treatment over the last few years that the vast majority of diabetics will lead a normal life. While this may have been different 20 or 30 years ago we now know a lot more about the condition and how to treat it. However, do inspirational figures and inspirational elements of our everyday life help?

There is no doubt that many diabetics will find inner strength from their close family, friends, etc which will allow them to fight diabetes with a positive mental attitude. While some people will question the benefits of a positive mental attitude there is no doubt that it can have a major impact upon your life. Indeed many people are able to lift this cloud of concern about the future and take each day as it comes.

We all have very different interests in our lives, we all have very different inspirational figures but the common thread is that our interests and our inspirations give us the strength to live our lives as fully as possible.

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the DiabetesForum.com Community and should not be interpreted as medical advice. Please see your doctor before making any changes to your diabetes management plan.

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