New here for my husband

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New here for my husband

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Question New here for my husband

I don't have Diabetes, but my husband had blood tests done and he is Pre-Diabetic. I'm hoping that I can learn alot more on this and Diabetes on here. Me and my hubby are confused on a lot of it. We're just now figuring out this week on what foods have high carbs and those with low carbs. If he cuts out alot of carbs and when he goes and does a job, his face gets hot and his hands get sweaty. He also has a headache until he eats an apple and has a little orange juice. Then after a few hours he seems ok. How long does he need to wait after eating fruit or anything like that before doing work outside? And how long again before he needs to put carbs back in his body while he's working? I want him to be able to get this adjusted right so he won't feel awful like that.

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He needs to cut out all carbs that he possibly can and learn to do without them. Depending on how many a day he's been eating, it could last a few days for him to adjust to lower/low carbs before he learns to do without them....or at least the white ones like bread, rice, bananas,apples, etc. It goes away once your body learns to use fats for energy, but it can take a few. Once he's there, it becomes easy...and he'll feel so much better. Juices are worse than the usual fruits because they are concentrated sugars. Water is the treat of this way of eating!

Maybe read Blood Sugar 101 for more information about diabetes/pre-diabetes and learn more.

Good luck to both of you,

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Welcome to the forum

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Hi, Carla. I am a prediabetic, diagnosed about a year and a half ago. By eating low carb/high fat, I have managed to keep my blood glucose (bg) low and to stay off meds, so it can be done.

Many doctors don't tell prediabetics that they should test, but that isn't logical. If your husband's doc didn't write him a prescription for a meter and test strips, you can purchase them yourself. I bought the ReliOn meter because it is reasonably priced, Walmart carries them.

It is best to test fasting bg first thing in the morning, then 1 and 2 hrs. after eating to see how that meal affects the bg. If it goes too high, cut down more on carbs. After a while you will know what he can and cannot eat and about how many carbs he is able to eat per meal and still control his bg.

Diabetic complications can start at 140 (7.8) so be sure he never goes above that. Many of us have set a lower goal. I try not to let mine go above 120, others... lower. After you do the reading at blood sugar 101, it will clear up much of your confusion.

Glad you found us. Welcome.

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Hi, welcome to the forum.

I am on the medium carb/low fat diet. I am on the Glycemic Index Diet.

I commend you for coming here for your husband.

You should treat pre-diabetes like you would regular diabetes. I had pre-diabetes for several years. Then it became Diabetes Type 2.

My doctor had told me not to worry about the pre-diabetes. That was a mistake. I listened to my doctor.

With my diet, my Aic was 5.7. Everything else in my tests is normal. Ask your doctor to be tested for your Aic, cholesterol and your lipid panel.

I am glad that you are with us.

There are several diets, mine works for me. You will have to find out which diet will work for you and your husband.

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Hi Carla. First, when your husband gets those feelings he needs to test his bgs with his bg meter. Never make assumptions about your bg without testing. When you test if your bg is below 70, then that is a real hypo and you need to treat with OJ or other fast acting carb. But many times especially in the beginning while you are normalising bgs you will get what we call "false hypos". Although you might feel crappy with a false hypo it is not dangerous. As far as what to eat, you need to start reading the labels on everything. Look at the total carbs and fiber line on the back. All carbs raise bg. Carbs with a lot of fiber you can usually subtract the fiber from the carb count since fiber isn't digested. Many of us own a small carb counting book or use an app on our phones CalorieKing - Diet and weight loss. Calorie Counter and more is a good one. After awile with lots of bg testing you find which foods work and which ones don't. I have eliminated all wheat products including bread and crackers, fruit, pasta and rice from my diet. Breakfast cereal was one of the biggest bg spikers for me.

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moderate exercise- mostly walking 3-5 miles, tennis - 4 hours per week, weight training, hiking on weekends and vacations 7-10 miles

HbA1c 5.3 3/11
HbA1c 6.1 5/12

Age 62
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What to do when he feels bad, shaky, headache. Treating with high carb foods is counterproductive - it raises the BG fast, too fast, and too high.

As others have said, it takes a few days for the body to adjust to lower BG levels, and as it lowers, one can feel bad.

Some strategies are: drink a lot of water with some salt and then rest for 15 minutes. Also, eat something fatty - this will release carbs slowly without spiking high (a hand full of nuts, peanut butter (from a spoon, not on bread), a hot drink with lots of full-fat cream.

The headaches and shakes will become less and less as he adjusts to a lower-carb way of eating. The extra fats will stablize his blood sugar so he doesn't get these highs and lows - AND will give him the energy he needs over several hours.

He is a lucky man to have a wife who is so supportive. You might want to visit a few threads in the Lounge section: What's for.... breakfast ...lunch ...dinner - for menu ideas. And, the recipe section is full of yummy foods that, frankly, are so much better than the old carb-laden stuff.

My low-carb recipe collection on Pinterest
70 yrs. Dx May 2010
Diet controlled: VLC/HF
BG steady with no highs or lows.
A1C in the 5% range.
Gluten intolerant, sensitive to dairy & eggs.
Eat no grains

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If your husband is doing very hard work or exercise that in itself can lower blood sugar. He really needs a meter, when he feels bad he needs to test, I did not see you post what his readings were. Does he test, if not your really only know one thing he feels crappy. If he has lost weight that can and not always lower bs levels so testing is very important.

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There's little I can add to what the others have said. I share the view that there's no such animal as a pre-diabetic. As your pancreas loses the ability to manage your blood glucose automatically, you have to start doing it yourself. So treat your OH to a meter. As someone without the benefit of a local Walmart, I envy your access to an inexpensive meter - please avail yourself of it.

Chances are that a lot of your husband's issue is insulin resistance rather than lack of insulin. That should improve as you get his blood sugar down to normal levels but it almost certainly will mean that he'll have a few uncomfortable moments with the false hypos the others have mentioned. It is vital that he rides these out and doesn't give in to the temptation to have a nice glass of orange juice - unless he has just tested and come up with a figure of 70 or thereabouts.

Your husband is lucky - like me, he's got a great asset by his side. Without the support (and gentle bullying ) that I get from my wife, I suspect my figures wouldn't be quite as good as they are.

It will be a lot of work for a few months, but please stick with it and do have a good look at Blood Sugar 101 It's packed with a lot of helpful information and is well worth some time.

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I'm prediabetic as well, and I agree that it's really the same as being diabetic. Don't listen to the official ADA advice. Read these forums, reduce carbs, increase good fats, and welcome!


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