19 years old, diabetes 7 years!

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19 years old, diabetes 7 years!

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Default 19 years old, diabetes 7 years!

Hello, sorry im new to all of this. Im Charles and I just need some serious help! After 7 years if trips back nd forth to appointments and hearing the same thing, and moving from one hospital to another. Iv lost motivation to do my diabetes! I hate it, but I don't know how to get motivated, I start doing it properly then stop after a few says. Please if anyone can give me tips or anything it would go a long way!!
Thank you!

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Hi and welcome.

You picked a good place for help. The people here helped me a lot when I was DX last year and they'll help you as we'll. there are people with experience in just about everything from mild T2 to one individual who has T1 for over 67 years.

Ask any questions you want or need, we're here to help.

But we are a nosy bunch and need as much info as possible so the collective can pull the info.

Lets start with basics and go from there, shall we?

What meds are you taking, or since you say you've tried to ignore your D, should be taking?
What type of diet or foods do you eat on a normals basis? Diet goes a long way to gain control and a lot can be gained or lost based on diet alone.

There. That's the starter questions. Not so bad huh?

While waiting for others to chime in, check out
www.bloodsugar101.com for some good info. You'll learn quite a bit there and maybe come up with some questions of your own.

You got this. Don't worry.

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Hi Charles and welcome.
Diabetes can definitely be a very frustrating disease to manage. I have had diabetes for 42 years and there are certainly times when I would like to take a vacation from it. Unfortunately, we can't do that. But with that said, there are many people on this forum that can give you support and help you with any questions you may have regarding your diabetes treatment. After a few months of learning and putting to practice some of the advice you may get, it all becomes second nature and it is not as hard to accomplish your goals. It also can become a bit of fun, trying to come up with different meals that are low in carbs. (although maybe not for a 19 year old)....Never give up, you can definitely learn how to manage your diabetes so it does not need to consume your entire life..Good luck!!


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The basics:
- I have type 2 diabetes
- Im insulin dependent, Im suppose to take 4 injections a day. 3 meal time ones, and a night time one (at night I take Glargine 22units without fail!)
- I have a decent diet, my weight is 75kg on the dot & my height is 5'10
Recently iv started getting hammering head aches.

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Are you testing regularly/frequently, Charles? Especially when these headaches strike? It's important to know what your blood sugar is - that's the first thing to deal with if anything 'off' is happening.

What exactly are you eating? Sometimes a 'decent' diet for non-diabetics is dangerous for us diabetics - tell us more about your meals, and we can help you figure out how to cope.

Keep coming to visit us - we'll be here for you.

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Hi Charles
Welcome. Just stopped in to welcome you to our group. Glad to meet you!

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Welcome to the group and dont give up!

I have been a diabetic for 13 years (type 1) and am only just starting to get it under control now. Its tedious at first, frustrating but after a few weeks you really start to feel and see the benefits If you ever are struggling to understand something, just post it on here, the advice and encouragement i have received on this site is sometimes better then some i have got in hospital and if you ever need a sounding board, we are always available to hear you out

all the best!

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Welcome. You've found the best place for diabetics to hang out.

One of the major ways to get motivated and stay motivated is to become active on this forum. Sometimes we diabetics can feel isolated since we don't know any other diabetics to talk to, or the ones we do know are not much interested in getting good control.

Here on this forum you will find many people going through the same thing you are, and you will read how they overcame the issues that hindered them. It's like having a family of diabetics to relate to.

Come often, read a lot, and you will get motivated to take your diabetes seriously, and we will all rejoice with you when you meet milestones in your personal journey.

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A1C in the 5% range.
Gluten intolerant, sensitive to dairy & eggs.
Eat no grains
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Welcome Charles!
I am new to all this and was just physician diagnosed on friday-4 days ago. I suspected it 3 weeks ago and started that very moment to change my lifestyle. I joined this group about 1.5 weeks ago and believe it has been a fountain of good information.
The very first thing I did was started taking my counts and logging every single morsel I ate. Keeping track within the first 3 days I saw what triggered me to spike. Second thing I decided was to not be miserable about not being able to eat my favorite things. So I researched online and got mock recipes of the things I loved, but trading low carb items for the high carb items. I had dieted in the past and almost always failed because I missed my fav's. It never dawned on me to find recipes to mock those foods. Here you will find recipes and another WONDERFUL FORUM is Active Low-Carber Forums - Atkins Diet & Low Carb Support Message Boards
I found that I got conflicting info from my dietician and the people here. But don't worry, I found out the people here have personal experience with diabetes and some have figured out how to control it. I was told to INCREASE my carbs, but most people said here lower, lower, lower them and eat a form of fat with my meals. Hmmm...guess what? It lowered my bg. So maybe you will find some info here to help you.
I know your life revolves around taking medicine, trying to find something to eat that fits into your diet, keeping logs, drawing blood, buying supplies, etc., etc. It is a lot to deal with and yes I see why some people just bail and say "that is too much of a time investment". Hopefully though if you get insight here, it will get under control and not so much work in the end.
I truely hope you will find encouragement and a shoulder to lean on when needed here.

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Charles, I have been type 1 for 67 years, and I use very tight control to have the best health possible. I want to have a long healthy life!! I don't see why anyone would need any more motivation than that.

I have been Type 1 for 73 years. My A1c is 6.2. I pump with the MM 630, and I am using the Dexcom G5.
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