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upschick 07-16-2009 20:35

Hi, newbie to the forums here!
Hi, my name is Nan and I am a newbie here on the forums.
I have had diabetes since my 2nd pregnancy.. that was just gestational diabetes, then it came back with my 4th pregnancy and never went away.
Due to my weight issues and bad health my doctors decided a gastric bypass was the best answer for me... everything went well for 4 years, I was off of my Metformin and excercising and has lost 120 pounds. I started having extreme high post prandial blood sugars and then they would drop into the 50's quickly. I went to a new Endocrinologist here in Georgia and she recognized the symptoms and sent me for a consult to Rochester, Minnesota's Mayo Clinic. I went through many procedures there where I was diagnosed with Nesidioblastosis with hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia... which really means I would have really high blood sugars that would drop uncontrollably into (by then) the 30's and then I'd pass out. The cause was and Islet cell deformity in my pancreas and it was a direct result of my gastric bypass... the doctors there were doing a study of gastric bypass patients that had this problem.. finally I was NOT alone!!!! I'd felt so isolated for almost 2 years going through all of this mess... their only "trial" was medication or surgery so we did medication first and it didn't work so we went back up to Minnesota for a Distal Pancreatectomy and Spleenectomy.
Now, I wear a Medtronic Continuous Glucose Monitor that takes my blood sugar every 5 minutes 24 hours a day and I am in the process of being worked up to have the rest of my pancreas removed @ Mayo in Minnesota as the small part they left in me is now failing...
Nice to meet you all and I hope to get to know everyone better... Sorry, I tend to give way too much information when I tell people things.. lol

Richard157 07-18-2009 01:32

Hello Nan, welcome to our community! I have read about people having their pancreas removed. My father-in-law had it done many years ago and so he became a Type 1 diabetic, like me. You have been through a lot but you seem to be accepting it and your emotional state seems quite good. I admire you for being that way. The CGM you are wearing can be a life saver for someone like you. I wish you well in the months ahead with your next surgery and your blood sugar control.


upschick 07-23-2009 00:10

Thank you Richard, for acknowledging me and my situation and taking the time to welcome me and respond. I appreciate it. So many people just pass through, read and move on...

johnleveritt 07-23-2009 07:31

Hello Nan, welcome to the board.

Dan1966 07-23-2009 15:13

Welcome Nan, chin up:)

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