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paudet 03-16-2013 15:01

I am glad so see that help is here
Hi everyone, I've had Diabetes Type 2 since 2003, I have been denying it for quite some time now.

In the past weeks I have changed my diet and medication and find it very difficult to keep it up with my mixed schedule.

I work as an IT Manager and my work hours vary daily (even on weekends).

It is really the past 2 weeks that I have been monitoring my self, and that on it's on is not easy for me.

I thank everyone for there support ahaed of time. I have read a few threads and really like the comments.

David Burke 03-16-2013 15:37

Welcome and glad you came out of lurkdom.

Dealing with fluctuating work schedules makes managing D more if a challenge that's for sure. A good diet will definitely help with that, regardless of the meds being taken. Perhaps you could share what you're eating so some advice could be given to help you get control. Also what are numbers running? Many of us try and stay below 140 (7.7) all the time will provide explain why as well as provide lots of good info.

As you can tell were kinda nosy but in a good way. The more info we have the better the chances someone can help

VeeJay 03-16-2013 19:49

Welcome paudet,

Your work schedule is surely a hassel. However, your diabetic health is of greater concern because you cannot perform well with out-of-control diabetes.

Most of the members here use diet as their first line of defense against high BG. While some T2s may need to take medications and/or insulin, keeping a lid of carbohydrate consumption makes the meds work better.

Do I understand correctly from your post that you are not testing your BG while at work? Is that because you aren't allowed or feel its akward? You should be doing this if you're not. Knowledge of where you stand with BG is paramount to gaining control.

As mentioned, Blood Sugar 101 is an excellent place to educate yourself about your diabetes. Read the section "How To Lower Your Blood Sugar". Your quality of life will most certainly improve when you have your BG controlled, and you'll be better able to handle life's stresses.

Shanny 03-16-2013 22:15

Welcome aboard, paudet. I hope you'll visit often and share more with us. It can be difficult getting a good routine in place to manage our diabetes, but it's the most important thing we can do for ourselves. Many of our members struggle with long hours, shift work, and other tedious aspects of making a living - we just have to do the best we can and not ignore our health. We'll give you all the help we can - hurry back now.

grammaB 03-16-2013 23:57

Hi Paudet, welcome to the forum!! this is a great place to find support and answers to just about any question you may have about your diabetes.

You mentioned you changed your diet, what are you eating now? Many of us here have had great success controlling our numbers by eating a low carb/high fat diet. A good place to get a good introduction to this way of eating is Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt's site, The Diet Doctor. Atkins induction phase is another good plan for diabetics.

Glad you found us, looking forward to getting to know you!!

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