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tazer 03-28-2013 17:43

New today!
Hi, i am hoping to learn how to lower my blood glucose in the mornings and gain information from what has worked for everyone! I had a A1C of 9.4 last september and i bought Dr Bernsteins book and Dr Mark Hymans bood and i dropped the A1C down to 7.4 by december . I had droppped 18 pounds very easily, with no exercise other than walking. Christmas came around and the morning sugars were up high again and i gained most of the weight back. I know i can get healthier now and i am starting the eating clean plan again. I am refusing to start metformin and i know that is not wise but i feel if i work hard and include some weights and walking and exercise i can defeat this.. i am 53 and 5'11 and weigh 184 pounds.. I am confused as to if i am supposed to eat before walking on my treadmill in the morning or eat afterwards if my mornings sugars are very high? Any info on morning high sugars would be of great help to me.. Does wine with dinner help or is rice or wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar helpful? Any suggestions? And do i need to take flax and chia and pgx with meals? Wow i have a ton of questions i guess. And if you eat flax with a higher carb meal does it balance it out? thanks so much, sorry this is long winded..

Patdart 03-28-2013 18:31

Hi, Tazer! I have two homework assignments for you to gain speed...a great one to read now and refer to often if needed...Blood Sugar 101 and Diet Doctor - Real food for your health will be helpful about what we eat here. Eat some cheese or eggs prior to walking to drop your blood sugar in the mornings. I sometimes keep a cheese stick by the bed to eat as soon as I wake and test. I can't exercise so I can't help much on that, but a bite of protein will drop your sugar.

Come back often...

tazer 03-28-2013 18:32

Thank you so much!

kantim 03-28-2013 18:40

You can read more about high fasting blood glucose here;

Diabetes Update: Understanding Fasting Blood Sugar

For me eating something before exercise and after waking up works. Eating some cheese or something with protein usually helps.

Wine and vinegar works in some a little because it help keep the liver from dumping more glucose. But it helps only a little and not in everyone. The more important factor is diet many follow here LCHF with great results. You can read more here LCHF for beginners |

tazer 03-28-2013 19:04

Thank you for taking time to respond!

VeeJay 03-28-2013 21:36

Welcome to the forum.

The sites others have given you will quickly get you up to speed about diabetes and how to gain control of your blood sugars. And, also importantly, will keep you from developing those nasty diabetic complications.

As you read the threads here you will notice that most of the members eat a low-carb/high-fat diet in order to keep their BG low. It has been a successful strategy for many many diabetics.

Unless you take insulin, there really isn't anything you can eat along with a lot of carbs to "balance it out". The best way is to not eat those carbs in the first place. Wine does have a temporary BG lowering effect for most people, but, again, it won't counter having eaten pasta or potatoes.

If you haven't yet gotten a meter and begun testing to see what your meals are doing BG-wise, now's the time. Without this kind of knowledge, you're going at this "blind" and can't take steps for improvement.

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