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chrisoei 03-31-2013 19:53

Pre-diabetic with diabetic family members overseas
Hi everyone,

I've been a pre-diabetic for several years, and Type 2 diabetes runs in both my father's and mother's families.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I'm lucky enough to have good health care coverage, but I have relatives who live in China and India who aren't so lucky. The health care system in some of those places haven't caught up yet, and I'm concerned they're not getting the right tests and treatments.

I'm interested in hearing from other members in the same situation -- what did you do?


carbcrazydog 03-31-2013 20:21

Where do your relatives live in India? Health care is improving here and i have had some really good experiences with doctors. It depends upon the city where you live in....

chrisoei 04-01-2013 22:35

It's in one of the less populated parts of Uttaranchal; I don't want to get more specific because I don't want to bad-mouth any particular clinic or doctor.

There's one person in particular that I'm concerned about. Ten days after the doctor changed his meds to metforum + a sulfonylurea (formerly he was taking just the sulfonylurea), his fasting blood glucose was still over 200. The doctor said he intends to use a fasting plasma glucose of 180 mg/dL as a target, and wanted to wait another ten days or so to see if his blood glucose levels would improve.

I'm far from an expert in diabetes, so I wanted to ask you folks out there. Does 180 mg/dL sound like a reasonable target? I don't know his exact age, but I believe he's over 65. We've been guessing he's a type 2, but I don't think he's ever been officially diagnosed as such.

carbcrazydog 04-02-2013 03:59

180 sounds way to high. my doctor in Hyderabad gives me a good lecture if i go anywhere above 95! I would suggest that he should try a doctor in some metro which is nearby. Nowadays you dont have to visit the doctor a lot. You can make a trip and visit him once and then have online consultations and visits can be like once in 6 months (if needed). Most of the good doctors these days have an option of online consultation, so just check it out. In any case, just stop seeing this 180 mg/dl doctor!!!

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