New, do I need to start worrying?

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New, do I need to start worrying?

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Default New, do I need to start worrying?

I had a fasting test done at my drs office on Tuesday and it was 288. I got my Metformin and test stuff today and my meter said 314 for my first test. That's almost triple what my doctor wants it to be at. I feel fine and just took my first pill so wonder if tomorrow I should see a different result and don't know if the level being so high is something dangerous?

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Welcome to DF, ValkyrieVixen - very glad to meet you. When we feel fine, it's easy to think there isn't anything really wrong. I definitely know that feeling! Yes, your numbers are too high, and it can become dangerous to let them stay that high. But instead of worrying, you can put your energy into making the changes needed to bring those numbers down.

The metformin you're taking will need a few days or weeks to reach maximum levels in your blood, so unless you adjust your diet, you might not see extreme changes in your numbers very quickly. But if you can avoid some of the foods which elevate your blood sugar, that is what will make a more pronounced difference a lot faster. The "white" foods are the dangerous ones. Try to avoid anything made with white flour and/or white sugar. Also avoid pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, etc. Fill up on meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, cheese, and leafy green vegetables. If you can get hold of a carb counter book, you can begin to learn which foods are safest to keep your blood sugar low.

Read the labels on everything, and if it has corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids . . . anything like that, don't eat it. It's just sugar by another name!

And don't panic. There's a lot to learn, and we've all had to learn it one way or the other. Let your meter tell you what is right to eat and what is not, by testing an hour and/or two hours after you eat. (having enough test strips can be a problem here - do you have insurance? And how many strips did your doctor prescribe?)

Just don't hesitate to ask questions & we'll support you all we can.

Take care,

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Originally Posted by ValkyrieVixen View Post
I had a fasting test done at my drs office on Tuesday and it was 288. I got my Metformin and test stuff today and my meter said 314 for my first test. That's almost triple what my doctor wants it to be at. I feel fine and just took my first pill so wonder if tomorrow I should see a different result and don't know if the level being so high is something dangerous?
What type were you diagnosed? What numbers does your dr seek? Have you been instructed on a low carb diet?

If your fasting is 288, you have to expect your non-fasting numbers to remain high for some time.

Yes, these levels do damage. Anything over 140 sustained damages.

Your glucose levels will not decrease overnight. It takes time for the Metformin and low carb diet to work. The best thing you can do right now is figure out what you can and can not tolerate. This means one and two hours testing. You will quickly figure out what causes spikes. You can eliminate them from your diet.

Exercise will help immensely. Beta cells respond to exercise. Execise will drive down your numbers.

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Thanx for the welcome.
My diagnosis was Type II and the doctor wants my level at 130. I don't even know when I'm supposed to test and how it relates to eating, exercise etc.
I'm going to need to see a nutritionist I think. I have problems with many foods due to IBS and I also am an Adult Picky Eater which means certain foods I just can't eat, they literally won't go down my throat. I have aversions to most meats, all fish and many vegetables. I also tend not to eat, I probably eat 1/3 of what my husband does and he doesn't have a weight problem. I'm a carb junky so many of the foods in the house I won't be able to eat. I'll have to find out what is safe and totally change what's in the cabinets.

What's most frustrating about this is I have been eating better, started using the treadmill daily and lost 25 lbs yet now I become diabetic. This week was tough for me. I developed Phlebitis in my left leg, got the Diabetes news and my chronic Anemia has returned so I'm back on weekly Iron infusions. Kinda makes me wonder why I bothered trying to do things right. lol
I haven't been on the treadmill in a week but since I started my Iron today and my leg pain has receded a lot I hope to start again on Monday.

My doctor didn't give me any instructions, just ordered the meds and test equipment. I'm supposed to take the Metformin x2 and test x2 and bring my results log to her in a month.
There is supposed to be a Diabetes workshop at the hospital so I'm going to check that out.
My prescription is for 50 test strips so that won't even last the month. I hope they allow refills before 30 days. I'm covered by our state free care since I've been out of work for a few years. My husband has been out for almost 1 year and our savings is down to the last few hundred so I hope test strips aren't expensive if I have to buy them myself.

This is sounding more complicated than I imagined so I'll probably be reading the board a lot to learn what I can.

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I had the saame problems getting started. First, I had to find out what test strips were covered by my insurance, then get the PCP to write a prescription for the correct amount (he had written it for a brand and amount the insurance would not cover). I researched the number of strips/nox, then called the PCP back and told them exactly what my insurance would cover and got them to call in the exact right thing to the pharmacy. If you've already gotten a meter and test strips and cannot refill within the month, maybe the pharmacy will work with you. Mine did.

As to when to test, he hadn't given me much direction on that either. Just test at different times each day. There was a little log in the box with the meter, and I used that. Don't test immediately after eating. The dietitians said to wait 2 hours after the start of a meal. I have also read 2 hours after you finish eating, so not sure which is correct. I mostly go with 3 hours after I've finished. I vary when I test each day, and over a month's time, the doctors (and you) can look for patterns.

Hope this helps a little. I'm new, too, so we can learn together.

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Hi ValyrieVixen, welcome to our friendly forum. You will like it here. There are a lot of places to go into.

You numbers are to high. When I was first diagnosed, I was put on Actos. I found out that I still had to stick to my diet. You can lower your numbers by eating the serving size on the box, bottle or jar. Check the amount of carbohydrates. 150 is the best number of carbohydrates.

With chicken, take off the skin. The skin has the triglicerides. I only eat meat at dinner to keep my triglyercides down. Fish is good for you. I have it about once or twice a week.

You can test before you eat, or 2 hours after you have finished eating. That is when it levels off. When your levels are to high, exercise. Go for a 30 minute walk or exercise at home. Exercise lowers your numbers and keeps you from having complications later on.

Welcome to our forum and you will find that it is a friendly place.


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