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bignick 12-27-2013 07:10


I'm Nick, a 64 yo male and am concerned about my health and specifically my somewhat elevated blood sugar. For starters, I'm quite active. I work in a job where I am running around a bit and doing some moderate to heavy physical labor.

I am 6' tall and weigh 185 lbs. I've been within 5 lbs for years. I walk often 2-3 miles briskly non stop. I also hike in the mountains sometimes covering several miles and 2-4 thousand feet of elevation gain. Often I'll be gone most of the day doing this.

I have coronary heart disease and take a statin, beta blocker and ACE inhibitor as well as baby aspirin daily. I just went for my annual check up and everything looked good except elevated fasting Glucose of 112. My cholesterol is 150, everything else is good.

I did buy a meter a few days ago and did some testing which I will post later. Nice meeting you all. I hope to learn and contribute here as well. :)

moon 12-27-2013 08:44

Welcome to the forum Nick, and with your obvious determination to take care of yourself, I'm sensing your elevated blood sugar/diabetes doesn't stand a chance with you.

Good news is that you have a heads-up before your glucose got out of control, and diabetes is a very manageable condition with some lifestyle modifications, most of which center around diet.

Did the doc do an A1C in addition to fasting glucose by chance?

Best advice I could give would be to buy a glucose meter (Walmart has its own brand and the strips are inexpensive) or have your doc prescribe one, and start testing before (for baseline) and after meals (both 1 and 2 hours after first bite) to see what sort of glucose curve your diet is giving you.

You'll find that cutting back on carbs (eg wheat, rice, pasta, cereals, bread, milk, potatoes) will be what goes the longest way towards bringing your blood sugar down in the healthiest way possible.

A great place to read some solid basics on diabetes - how/when to test, desirable numbers, and far more - is

Glad you joined us.

mbuster 12-27-2013 10:37

Hi Nick, welcome to the forum. Check out bloodsugar101 for a lot of diabetes information. Also research the statin your on, some have been known to be the cause of diabetes.

radar 12-27-2013 11:42

gday nick,welcome on board,get yourself down to the recipe forum,heaps of great recipes there to get you on the right track.happy days.

Richard157 12-28-2013 14:54

Nick, have you been diagnosed? If so, which type of diabetes do you have?

bignick 12-28-2013 15:48

I have not been diagnosed, my elevated glucose showed up on a Cardio and Lipid profile I had done several weeks ago.

I'm testing, reading, learning and when ready will report something cohesive.

My diet is crazy. An example is I maybe eat breakfast once a week and when I do it's generally big. Often I'll go to work without eating anything, then eat a banana maybe between noon and 2:00pm, maybe lunch will be a big salad or a bowl of chili. Maybe I won't even eat lunch once or twice a week. I'll generally have a nice home cooked dinner at 7:00-7:30PM. So because I haven't eaten much, I'm really hungry maybe at 11:30 and will eat 3 bowls of Grape Nuts, or a lot of cheese and crackers or other late snack right before bed.

I eat very few sweets and processed foods, not much red meat. Some chicken, fish, lots of green and other veggies, little bread, lots of nuts, fruit, coffee, a little beer, no soft drinks, water is my drink of choice.

More about my last fasting blood test. I awoke late to take my 94 yo father to a doc appointment in a snowstorm. I rushed to his house had to help him with his walker through snow in a brutal storm to my car. My mother 92 was to stay alone as sh just had a stent placed in a kidney duct 2 days ago and was still recovering. She insisted in helping me manage my dad. Now I have 2 people to worry about their mobility in a snow storm. I drive to the hospital, park out front and scramble to find a wheel chair. I unload my dad and push him inside, run back to the car and park it. I now run back to may dad and mom get him to the 3rd floor and in to see his doc. An hour later I do the reverse to get him in my mom in the car and drive to the far end of the hospital, park, run in up to the 2nd floor to the lab. I have to wait, they are slow. My elderly parents are sitting in my cold car and it's 20 degrees outside. I wait, and wait. Usually I'm in and out in 5 minutes. I've waited at least 15 and finally get called to get my blood drawn. So my fasting test happened over 2 hours after waking up, lots of stress, lots of running around. No food, no coffee, just sugarless gum.

Do you think my 112 fasting glucose level was an accurate representation? I'm questioning it.

David Burke 12-28-2013 15:52

Based on what you describe for you typical diet, I'm surprised it's that low.

Please read more on the forum on how many of us eat here. You may be surprised that what you're eating isn't the best for controlling BG. Also read some here:

bignick 12-28-2013 15:53

How do you edit? disregard "this state and" in second sentence above #6.

Two previous "fasting" blood tests required walking/running from parking lots to hospitals which may have elevated levels of glucose levels prior to testing as well. Lot for me to lean. 12-28-2013 16:11

You've got a window of about ten minutes to edit your posts. After that time, you need to get one of the moderators to make the necessary corrections for you. Best options are to do as you did but that means waiting until someone who can notices. Otherwise a quick PM will do the trick.

Shanny 12-28-2013 19:52


Originally Posted by bignick (Post 343034)
Two previous "fasting" blood tests required walking/running from parking lots to hospitals which may have elevated levels of glucose levels prior to testing as well. Lot for me to lean.

Well, everybody has to get from their car to the location of the lab somehow, so must walk or run across the parking lot, possibly up/down the stairs/elevator, and then wait until a tech becomes available. What you describe is no different than all the rest of us. What IS different from the rest of us is your high-carb diet. Very few of us could keep our blood sugar low and still eat the fruits, breakfast cereal, crackers, etc., that you're enjoying.

Study up at the DietDoctor link David gave you, as well as the BloodSugar101 one provided by mbuster. Yes, there is a lot to learn, and first we must accept that diabetes turns conventional wisdom upsidedown - not that conventional wisdom is all that 'wise' to begin with. :rolleyes: All the fruits/whole grains/etc. proposed as 'healthy' are lethal for diabetics. Once we get that through our heads, we can adopt a true healthy LCHF way-of-eating, and get on with living a long active life. Sounds like you have good genes, so get on with it.

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