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Well Howdy

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Default Well Howdy

Howdy ya'll, I'm AttackBadger. I'm 27, coming up on 28, and also coming up on my first year anniversary of my diagnosis.

I'm not exactly a new diagnosis (That happened way back in January of this year), but I was recently pointed here by the APRN I see.

Anyway, wayyyy back in the fall/winter of 2012, I had been feeling pretty crappy for about two months while taking classes at my local community college, and I ended up having to drop all but one class I was enrolled in that semester because I was just feeling too sick to drive across town to the campus. I had recently all but quit drinking sodas and things and had switched to drinking water/tea (college student, got no monies) so I didn't think having to go to the bathroom all the time was particularly weird.

Eventually on January 10th, I was working that morning and tripped and hit my lower back/right flank on the edge of a piece of plywood, and it kept hurting all day. It was still bothering me that evening and I was starting to worry that maybe I had bruised my kidney or something, so I called up my dad and had him drive me over to the ED at KUMC.

It didn't take them too long to get me admitted to a room in the ER (this was like a Thursday evening) with a CC of flank/lower back pain, and when the nurse came in and took my vitals & blood sugar the meter read ERR. She was all like "Uhh, what" and I was like "Holy crap what" because I knew that wasn't right. So they drew some blood labs and I got settled in, and another nurse came in and took an A1C and that came back something like 18.6%. And she told me that she hoped I didn't have anything planned because I wasn't going anywhere for the weekend. Later on I'd find out my on-admittance BGL was like 583. Yikes.

So the first night/day (I was down in the ER like 26 hours before they could move me upstairs to an actual room, it was pretty crowded I guess) I got to be treated for HHNS getting like 1L of IV fluids an hour. That wasn't so fun. Kinda hard to get any rest/sleep when the alarm on your IV pump goes off every hour.

I was in the hospital for two days before my mom deigned to tell me that actually most of the men on her side of the family either have or develop Type 1. Prior to that I had no clue, it had never even been discussed before.

In total I'd end up spending 5 days 4 nights in the hospital, they would've kept me longer but I had my first day of classes the Monday following my admittance and I absolutely couldn't miss that, so they cut me lose in the afternoon early enough I could make it to class.

Anyway, on my first 30 day followup visit, I'd gotten my A1C down to 12.7%, and at my first 90 day followup it was down to 6.6%, which pretty much rocked my APRN's socks off. That first 30 days was kind of a pain in the butt, because my vision kept changing so much, and I was taking welding classes at the time, which made it hard to see what I was doing because everything was super fuzzy, but that quickly cleared up.

Lots and lots of salads help keep it low, I could eat salad 3x a day and not get sick of it (Sometimes I do that anyway). Omelets too.

Sadly I'm running a little higher now, more like 7.3%, mostly due to fluctuating diet changes because college student diet (Too much rice, but it's cheap!), but I'm working hard on getting it back down below 6.5%.

Other than that, I'm not having too much trouble with things (surprisingly, for as bad as I was scared of needles beforehand, it didn't take too long to adapt to taking the shots, probably because I realized I'd be doing it 3x a day for the rest of my life), just trying to keep active (And feeling bad because holidays meant my blood sugars went to crap, first Christmas with diabetes I guess, have to do better next year!).

Other that that I dunno what to say right now.

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Well, hello there and to the club none of us wanted to join. Wind it back three years and your introduction to this fascinating condition wasn't that different from mine. My numbers were a bit lower, like 400 fasting and and HbA1c of 8.2% but I was going DKA. To keep it really interesting, trying handling it in French .

Anyway, your homework for today is to look at this site Blood Sugar 101 . I found that site to be great for explaining a lot of things that the quacks don't seem to mention. It's well worth exploring.

On diet, your most important tool in managing this beast, lose the rice but hang onto those eggs.

Other members of the forum will be along in a minute with some more ideas. Visit the forum often and ask about any of the issues that are bothering you. We've all been there and it's not funny getting your head round the contradictory messages you sometimes get but once you do get there, this condition becomes a pest rather than a disaster.


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I commend you on taking the diabetic bull by the horns. You've made a great improvement in a short period of time. And you have such a good attitude in that you've accepted this as your life now.

Stick around this forum and read what other T1s have to say about keeping their BG under control and getting their A1C into the 5% range.

Diet-wise - go for the meats and bacon and eggs and cheese, with real cream in your coffee... well, there's lots of ways to fill up without having to resort to starches. Do take a look at our meal threads in the diet section of the forum.

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My low-carb recipe collection on Pinterest
70 yrs. Dx May 2010
Diet controlled: VLC/HF
BG steady with no highs or lows.
A1C in the 5% range.
Gluten intolerant, sensitive to dairy & eggs.
Eat no grains
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You are off to a very good start ! Once you have chosen foods that do not give you terrible highs after meals, and you have stable control of your blood sugar, you should be able to have a good college experience. I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. After six years of college I taught math at the college level. With 68 years of type 1, I have good diabetes health. You can accomplish almost anything you want if you have good diabetes management. Good luck with your first year in college.

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I have been Type 1 for 73 years. My A1c is 6.2. I pump with the MM 630, and I am using the Dexcom G5.
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Hi Badger - glad you've found us. Your admittance to Club Diabetes is similar to mine. My husband took me to the ER when I told him I felt like I was having some heart problem. After a blood draw, the ER doc came in and asked if anyone had ever mentioned I was diabetic - yikes! My A1C was around 15.5 and my blood sugar on admittance to the hospital was 750. Three days later I left the hospital with my Novolog and Levemir pens and my brand new membership in the T1 club.

Looks like you have a pretty good handle on things. I wouldn't sweat slightly higher numbers around the holidays, but do practice adjusting your boluses for the additional carbs you're eating...it'll make your life a little happier.


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Well, howdy, neighbor. I live north of the river on the MO side.

I was diagnosed with T1 at 51! I just found my genetic risk, for same, YESTERDAY. NO family history, whatsoever of T1D. NONE.

KUMC is supposed to have a great endo dept -- how do you like em?

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Welcome! Hey, I don't worry over a few treats at Christmas. As long as you can get back on the wagon afterwards.


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Oh wow, lots of replies.

John.in.France That looks like a pretty neat website, I'll definitely bookmark it and take a look. Especially liking the food section, I think the low-carb fudge will be a big hit.

VeeJay Getting down in the 5% range would be GREAT. I think I'll be heading over to the nutrition area after I finish replying to this.

Richard157 This will actually be the start of my second year of college, but thanks for the well-wishes all the same. I originally went a semester and a quarter to get my EMT-B, before I decided emergency medicine wasn't really where I wanted to be. So I decided to change my major and went over to the tech school to take welding & fabrication instead.

Jen It's good to hear that I'm not the only one who might have some trouble around the holidays. I'd definitely like to try finding some low or lower-carb alternatives though.

foxl The endo department at KUMC is awesome. (I'm a little biased, since they were my favorite hospital even before, though). They also have, on like the 5th floor of the main building, is Cray Diabetics Center, which is part of the hospital campus but ALL they do there is work with DM patients. They've got a free seminar there every week (I believe it's on Tuesdays mornings?) where they have different people from the endo & other departments come in and talk, as well as having a dietician come in and answer questions too.

It can be a little spendy to go there every time for my checkups since I don't have insurance at the moment, so usually I'll do a checkup there twice a year and the other two times I'll go to one of their outreach clinics to help keep the cost down. And since the outreach clinic is part of KUMed as well, all my documentation stays there with them so they can keep track of me.

silvertiger Yeah. I'm trying not to take it to hard, considering this is my first set of holidays with the new meal requirements.

Though hopefully with a little study (and some careful experimentation) I can have my treats and not fall off the wagon at the same time.

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