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Hello and welcome, Danielle. Thank you for joining us!

You say you were low-carbing before, but since you ran off the rails, I wonder if you were including high-fat along with it. High fat is what makes low-carbing work. I'm pretty sure I couldn't sustain low-carb for a lifetime, but I know I can do low-carb/high-fat for a lifetime - once you get the fat levels high enough, this way-of-eating is incredibly satisfying & the cravings/temptations subside sharply.

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It will help to know the reason you are having difficulty getting back on the wagon. If it is depression (you mentioned anti-depressants), high blood sugar can cause depression. If it is because there are foods you don't want to give up, we can probably be of help along those lines.

I'm not taking any diabetic meds, but if I had to, I would refuse to take anything except Metformin. Glipizide stimulates beta cell in the pancreas to secrete insulin for 8 to 12 hours whether or not glucose is present in the bloodstream, which means the beta cells will burn out faster. Glipizide also stimulate receptors on heart tissue leading to a higher rate of heart attacks. Diabetes Drugs - Quick Summary

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Originally Posted by Danielle View Post
I think this forum may help. I have never done anything like this and u think it will be helpful to talk to people who can relate besides being basically the only one who knows what's going on with my health. My family knows I am a diabetic but think I'm doing ok (because of the mask). And not their fault, but they have poor eating habits as well and are not a good support system.
I'm currently taking Glipizide and Metformin. Metformin twice daily and the pm dose makes me feel sick at in the morning. I stopped taking the pm Metformin and my numbered went in the 400's for a little while.
I started taking the metformin again for the past week and This morning my fasting bg was 301.
I'm also on a few other meds my dr put me on for my heart and my BP. My BP is now fine and the hear med was just a precautionary. And why not mix in a little anti depressant in there as well.
You say your blood sugar is high, please share what you are dealing with. I was once like you but it was not because I loved food so much, your cells are starving. They are not being fed, high bgl make you crave food, it took my meter showing me this. Once I started eating things lower in carb those cravings went away I was normal again. I kept thinking, why am I eating I just ate I could not be fed. Your cells could be starving so my advice is eat more proteins, healthy fats and veggies it will make a difference. Stop the crave its what I called it 30 yrs ago carbs are as powerful as drugs.

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Shake it off, Danielle, Shake it off! :-) All of us fall off the wagon sometimes. Some just for a meal or a day, some for much longer (I belong in the much longer camp).

Just because you haven't been taking care of yourself for a while, doesn't mean you have somehow lost the ability to eat right. That is like refusing to use your cell phone because you dropped it once, even though it didn't break.

Don't focus on what you didn't do yesterday, focus on what you can do today.

I am talking to myself too. I have been "off the wagon" for a couple of months now, eating things I shouldn't, bemoaning the fact I have been waking up in the 160's, yet not seeming to do much about it.

Today I am doing something about it! Why don't you join me, Danielle?! :-)

I was on glipizide and met, as well. It made very little difference until I started eating LCHF, and once I did I started having lows because the glipizide makes your body pump out insulin whether it is needed or not, and when you reduce your carbs you reduce your need for insulin. Take care with the glipizide. I now have to inject insulin, but I can control it.

I am going to fire up my rusty MyFitnessPal app, that I haven't used in a while and track my food intake again. Writing down what I eat controls what I eat. I am also going to make sure I am testing more frequently. I was out of strips for almost 2 weeks, and let me tell you, it is so much easier to eat things I shouldn't when I don't see the BG rise it gives me. :-(

Sorry for the novel, I can empathize since I am right where you are. Just don't smash your cell phone to pieces just because you dropped it once, okay? :-D
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Hang in there. We all fall of the path from time to time.

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It's ok to fall, but better if you can climb back up on the wagon! We'll help you! I recently came off the Christmas Carb Fest. I wrote myself a little note on how horrible I felt. Carbs even make me congested at night, besides causing stomach upset. So not worth it.

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Hi Danielle. Welcome!

The first thing I noticed was how young you are - my guess is just wanting to be the same as everybody else has been the hardest part. It's so easy not to be thinking long term at your age and live for now!

Just by asking for help you are showing that you are now much closer to be ready to take control. I am approaching 2 mths only as a Type 2 - I have adopted the LCHF way of eating that many in here have found so successful with some great early results. I just haven't added the exercise yet - that's my weak point.

After doing some of the recommended reading in here, I suggest you make a list of the things you want to change. Then put them in the order of priority so you tackle the most important stuff first. You don't have to try to be Wonder Woman and do it all at once.

I agree with the be prepared advice someone mentioned earlier. You need to have foods on hand that will support (not sabotage) your aim to manage your diabetes. Try setting small goals with your numbers and reward yourself when you reach them - not with naughty foods though! Try to educate the people around you - simple statements like "thanks anyway, but I can't eat that, it will send my blood sugars off the map". People don't realise what restrictions a diabetic has on their diet. Your family and friends won't want to do you harm.

I would start with eating something in the morning - straight after your fasting BG test. I am not hungry when I first wake up either and this is by far the hardest change for me. But if I don't eat something my BG creeps up on its own - into the 8s - which leaves me no room to eat much of anything. Then I would be starving later!

Please keep us informed about how you are going.

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Hi Danielle and welcome!!

You've been given great advice so far. Try not to think you have to do everything all at once. Slow and steady wins the race.

The link Gizmo gave you for the drug is a great one to read thoroughly. It will answer a lot of questions you may have. Here is a link to the opening page of BloodSugar101.

Best of luck to you!


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Hi, Danielle! These sweet folks speak the truth here. Use your mask as long as you need but read the information you've been given and continue to chat with us. Ask for what you need and read the whole forum if you can and continue this conversation. I began with 6.9 and last test was 5.1. I eat pizza but only one slice with crust and loaded with the tops of many others. I wonder what the server thinks of me when I leave! The toppings don't give me trouble, so I pull them off and stack them on the one.

So, I'm eccentric? So what?

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Thank you guys for all of your help, support and wise words so far. It's so easy to get off track but so hard to get back on. I struggle with myself and my own mental battles of self worth, which maybe this is too personal to write on here but what do I have to lose? Is the depression "causing" the diabetes? Or is the diabetes "causing" the depression? Have any other suffered from both? Which one had to be controlled first? Also, I'm not sure I'm liking my doctor. She is a GP. Do most see a endocrinologist?

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