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jen1984 06-02-2014 12:58

Type 1 with graves disease
Am 29, diagnosed both Graves' disease and type 1 @ 15. Thyroidectomy December of 2001. I currently take 30 units levemir am and pm, novo log sliding scale avg 20 units per meal. I am also taking Effexor and Zocor daily and Zyrtec. I became sick in February with flu like symptoms for approx 4-5 days during this I became unable to tolerate novo log at all. Slowly after I began to feel better I needed the novolog to control my bg levels again ever since have continued to feel bad. All levels on blood work are WNL...lows are random going to 20 and 30 completely asymptomatic lights just seem to become bright. Currently waiting for cgm and pump training, my current symptoms include weakness, sleeping all the time, headaches, and the random low bg. All symptoms point to Addison's disease I was tested years ago but have learned that sickness like the flu symptoms I had can set the disease in motion. I have a really hard time understanding as all my diseases are to hereditary but yet no one in my family has autoimmune.

foxl 06-02-2014 14:24

A very common combination.

I had one grandmother with rheumatoid. I tested with 23andMe, and the risk genes were there -- from both sides! It apparently requires an environmental trigger, and with a huge variety of synthesized chemicals in our environment, they are quite plentiful right now.

There is something called the "accelerator hypothesis," which proposes just that. You might be interested to read about it.

JT Reagan 06-02-2014 20:06

Changes in light perception is a symptom of steep blood sugar swings. You are getting your annual eye check up, aren't you? I have these changes in light perception when my blood sugar swings 20 points. My eye doctors both say that this is bad for my eyes. Bring it up with yours, please.

Richard157 06-03-2014 16:52

Hello Jen, welcome! I have been type 1 for 68 years but did not start using a pump until 2007. Pumping insulin has given me much better control, and I have good diabetes health. The books "Using Insulin" by John Walsh, and "Think Like A Pancreas" by Gary Scheiner, are good guides to help with your control. Accurate carb counting and coorect insulin dosages should help you very much.

cyclinglady 06-04-2014 14:31


Think about testing for celiac disease as the genes are the same for thyroid and type 1. There are over 300 symptoms. Check out the University of Chicago's Celiac website for testing info (a simple blood test) and symptoms.

I have Hashi's (mom has Graves), celiac (dx last year) and recently, diabetes (type not known yet). My only celiac symptom was anemia. No tummy issues at all!

Take care!

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